The ‘Turkish superteam’ will be a super dangerous team

There’s a rumour going ’round the internet that woxic and XANTARES might be making that team with paz and Calyx after all. As you might expect, the Turkish fans for the most part are pretty excited, and why wouldn’t they be – this is the closest thing to a national team they’ve had in a long time.

But you know what? I’m pretty excited, too.

Stonks in Turkish CS up!

Run it back

We’re finally going to get to see woxic and XANTARES play together at the peak of their powers, and backed up by the enigmatic Calyx and the perennially underrated paz – this team could be a dark horse.

While he’s not a consistent force, XANTARES at times is an absolute monster and maintains the ability to take over a game with ruthless aggression, while woxic, despite his famously high sensitivity, is a more reliable star who doesn’t miss very often at all.

Calyx is a mercurial talent who has floated around the scene but one who with the right guidance could be a killer, and paz is a rock whom a team can be built on – a classy, intelligent player who can pull clutches and multikills out of thin air.

imorr is also… there. He’s probably fine, I imagine. With this much talent, he probably doesn’t need to be that good. 

Anyway, yeah, this team should be an incredibly dangerous one who can really surprise a lot of people. They’re here and ready to mess 2019 up.

Wait, never mind, I forgot it’s nearly 2022 over there on Earth.

Alright, scratch all that. This team is doomed.

Got ya’. Sorry, had to make sure the Turkish fans had left. I didn’t want to break their hearts.

This team isn’t completely doomed, obviously, but you’re flipping a whole lot of coins. woxic hasn’t been good for a short while; taking a gamble on him in general would be fine, but when you’re pairing him with Calyx, that’s two wildcards that need to be facing up already.

Not to mention XANTARES is a bit inconsistent himself – at times on BIG he’s looked like the superstar he appeared to be destined for since his time on Space Soldiers, but at other times he’s been a weak link. The stars might align, but how often?

And even if they do, the ceiling of this team is not clear. Mechanically they don’t seem like they would ever be better than an OG or Complexity type team, so they’ll be relying on teamplay and synergy along with all of those stars aligning.

I’d love this team to be good, but I just don’t see it.

Actual stonks down.

“This team isn’t completely doomed, obviously, but you’re flipping a whole lot of coins.”

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