The Jaxon Apex cup is about to begin and the competition is incredible strong.

With 160 Teams and a 3000 Euro Prize Pool, almost all of Europe’s crème de la crème are making an appearance. With an open registration, it’s anyone’s tournament to win, but there are some standouts!

Respawn Entertainment

NEW Esports

NEW Esports has been performing strong over the last few months, placing top 3 in most events they participate.

They rewarded themselves by winning the ALGS:2022 Split 1 Playoffs in the EMEA region and taking home $100,000.

With the highest of achievements in recent memory in their bag, Francisco “k4shera” Alves, Rafael “PostKiLL” da Silva Jesus and Ameer “VJEIX” Hassan will be the favorites to look out for. 


69 iQ Esports

With a 5th place in the ALGS:2022 Split 1 Playoffs and purse of $11,000, the team lead by the #1 French player (according to his streams) Elwin “KSWINNIIE” Echeveria and his two English teammates, Joe “Slayers” Byrne and Ali “Naghz” Naghawi will be looking for a top 3 finish.

Nothing else will satisfy their IGL, who can be regarded as one of the best IGLs in the game.

KSWINNIIE analyses his team’s gameplay in real-time, and with the talent of Slayers and Naghz they are quick to adapt and dominate their opposition. The question is, if they can keep their cool in difficult situations. 



The charismatic team lead by John “Hakis” Håkansson had a bitter heartbreak at the recent ALGS:2022 Split 1 Playoffs.

“Only” coming in 2nd, they were able to bag $50,000, a more then deserved result following their recent performances.

With Simon “Vaifs” Bellini and Oscar “Yuki” Jiang the team and one of the best IGL’s in the game, Alliance is fielding a Titan that is hard to slay! Their intelligent and effective style only leaves one question: can they bring it on the day?!


Team Empire

After signing their contracts, the Russian trio consisting of their IGL Kirill “RANCHES” Rulin, Artem “fitoo” Ivanov and Denis “cleaveee” Rassokhin have a new home.

The former named “Major Pushers” have had some strong performances over the last few weeks and joining Team Empire is the fruits of their labor!

The same day of the official announcement, they dominated the competition in the weekly “Versus Arena” events, playing against some of the top teams also participating in the Jaxon Cup.

With this recent performance, they could finish with a perfect week and win yet another tournament.


Invictus Gaming

The silent killers, this team is probably the most underrated.

The streams of the British squad lead by Cameron “Noiises” Walker, Brynn “brynn” Crompton Corbet and Jamie “Blasts” Levine barely get 50 concurrent viewers, which is criminally low.

Besides being a charismatic squad, their is much to learn from them.

With an incredible 4th place in the ALGS:2022 Split 1 Playoffs and $15,000 prize, they will be looking to continue their hot streak and find more success. This is a young and hungry squad that shouldn’t go unnoticed.


Leonel Lorenzana is a professional esports caster who also writes about top esports competitions, ranging from Valorant and Overwatch to Apex Legends. He also covers general gaming industry news for