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Sweat lord alert!

The Sweatiest Fortnite skins and cosmetics (2022)

  • Top 5 most sweatiest Fortnite pickaxes
  • Top 5 most sweatiest Fortnite backblings
  • Top 5 most sweatiest Fortnite skins

The Fortnite community is split into two sections: the sweats and the casuals. Sweats can be distinguished easily if you see any player rocking one of several popular “sweaty” skins.

A sweaty cosmetic is usually something that gives a competitive advantage.

For example, female skins allow players to see more of their screen because the character model is smaller. While the hitboxes remain the same, you lose out on visibility using skins like Peely and Ragnarok.

However, there have been a few cosmetics that actually gave a competitive advantage. These cosmetics became extremely popular. The end result is that the items were fixed, but popularity remained.

Sweaty Fortnite pickaxes

The Star Wand is one of the most notorious pickaxes in the Fortnite community.

When this pickaxe was first released, there was a bug where it would deal 56 player damage and 80 structure damage per swing.

This made this pickaxe blow up in popularity and cements itself as one of the sweatiest pickaxes available.

The Merry Mint pickaxe was a limited-time pickaxe that only became available in selected locations during Christmas time in December 2019.

Players can obtain the cosmetic code by purchasing items at Gamestop. A limited edition and rare pickaxe are two key components of a sweaty cosmetic.

The Driver pickaxe is a slick-looking golf club.

It is considered one of the sweatiest pickaxes due to its small size and nearly silent pickaxe sound.

It is also a pickaxe that can easily be mixed and matched with different Fortnite skins to create a unique style.

The Leviathan pickaxe is a one-handed pickaxe, as you swing the pickaxe your player switches hands and the Leviathan starts freezing.

This pickaxe and other one-handed pickaxes started gaining popularity because of a content creator called Sly Jack.

Sly Jack created a video showing that the one-handed pickaxes actually swung faster than the other pickaxes. The Leviathan was the stapled one-handed pickaxe and therefore became one of the sweatiest one-handed pickaxes in Fortnite’s history.

The Ice Breaker is one the oldest pickaxes in all of Fortnite.

It was introduced in Chapter 1 Season 1, but has been reintroduced in the Item Shop fairly frequently.

Because it was released in Chapter 1 Season 1 it has become one of the most nostalgic pickaxes and a favorite for veterans.

Sweaty Fortnite back bling

The Sun Sprout back bling is a clear-cut sign that a sweat is in your game.

It was originally popularized by the most aggressive and mechanically intensive controller player known as Reet.

Because of Reet’s explosion in popularity, this back bling became one of the sweatiest back bling in the game.

The Wolfpack back bling is fantastic looking and due to its minimalist style it becomes a great combination for a wide variety of different skins.

Most importantly, the backing doesn’t block any of your vision, which is the number one deterrent to sweaty back bling.

The Shattered Wings became popular due to Epikwhale who is a six-time FNCS winner in the NA-West region.

The absolute domination from Epikwhale on the NA-West region popularized this back bling with his fans.

The Red Shield became popular due to the meta-breaking player, Martoz.

Martoz is a fantastic player who creates montages and finds unique ways to eliminate his opponents.

He is known for creating some of the most useful sweaty plays and therefore his back bling has become one of the sweatiest black bling ever.

Sweaty Fortnite skins

The Joltara Fortnite skin, commonly known as the superhero skin, is easily the sweatiest skin in all of 2022.

This skin lets users switch the colors, fabrics, and patterns of the super suit.

Because of the customizable ability of this skin, users are able to mix and match white/gray fabric to create a superhero suit that is basically all one color.

This is a huge competitive advantage because it is harder to see a skin that is white, gray, black, or even green.

The Focus skin is another cosmetic item that is popularized by Reet.

Reet blew up out of no where, in a top-tier tournament Reet was pushing the entire lobby, easily running through tier 1 pros.

The Focus skin is Reets skin, on NA-West, if players see a Focus skin they assume it is Reet and stay away from them.

If you see a Focus in your game, I’d recommend running in the opposite direction and staying far away from them.

The Renegade Raider is one of the oldest Fortnite skins that has yet to be re-released.

It was last seen on October 25th, 2017. The scarcity of this skin automatically makes it one of the sweatiest skins in the game.

If you see one of these in your game, good chances this player is an absolute beast and should not be reckoned with.

Siren increased in popularity during the Mongraal, Mitr0, Benjyfishy season.

It didn’t take long for this skin to be directly related to Benjyfishy.

Siren comes with a customizable style that makes the skin black and white.

This style is called Noir and only enhances the sweatiest of Siren. If you see this skin in-game, expect a mechanical demon with an aimbot-like aim.

The ultimate sweaty skin is the Mogul Masters, this skin is constantly used by professional players in all regions and has become a staple of competitive Fortnite.

However, not all of the Mogul Masters are actually sweaty; for example, the male versions of the skin are deemed not sweaty, and for some odd reason, so is the Canadian version of the skin.

This really hits close to home because I am Canadian and I think it is sweaty :(.

There you have it! You can now mix and match your own skins to find a sweaty combination that is unique to you. Maybe you like to leave the sweating to the sweats, if that’s the case, then if you see any of the combinations above, be prepared for a fight!

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