The skins Jaxon bought and used this year

Everyone knows that skins don't make you better. But we all still buy them.

Even Jaxon, who I heard once had a realistic chance to go pro, falls for the oldest trick in Valve's book. Every time a new case gets released, he scours the Steam market to find the skin that will make his headshot look even crisper.

In 2021, he indulged himself with some of the best new releases.

MP9 | Mount Fuji

I took Jaxon's advice and got myself this skin as well.

The pink-blue color scheme goes well with plenty of gloves, and the artwork hits just right. The subtle way the clouds integrate into the lines on the MP9 and the way the wear makes it look like an antique painting. I love this skin.

The only point of criticism: what are those things at the bottom? Waves? Clouds? Your guess is as good as mine.

SSG 08 | Turbo Peek

I love myself a good Need for Speed-inspired skin. At least, I assume that the creators of the Turbo Peek, Sparkwire, and KASI got some inspiration from the 2006 classic The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Jaxon has been pulling his handbrake, drifting out Mirage window, and claiming scalps on eco rounds with this skin.

"I wonder if you know

How they live in Tokyo (はい!)

If you seen it, then you mean it

Then you know you have to go"

Teriyaki Boyz

Desert Eagle | Sputnik


I'm not too sure what Jaxon's favorite thing about space is. It might very well be the Sputnik. Or maybe he likes comets and stars.

I do know that he's outraged by this skin only being worth 40 cents.

He's bought at least 200 Sputnik skins to drive up the price and "restore glory to the fabulous Soviet space program."

AK-47 | Green Laminate


You know a skin is iconic when they can make multiple editions and by just changing the color.

The AK-47 Laminate series already had a blue, red, and black edition. In the Vertigo 2021 Collection, Valve has added a green one.

The skin works best as a souvenir, with the golden PGL stickers.

This skin might also be an investment, as Vertigo's unpopularity in the community could see it removed in the next couple of years.

But of course, we're no investment experts, so don't take our advice to the bank.