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CS:GO operations are the most unpredictable events in the entirety of the game.

With the CS:GO major over, we remain with not a whole lot to look forward to for a long while.

So, this brings up the question, when is the next operation?

Riptide was kinda cool; I mean, the skins weren’t “all that,” and to be honest, it felt kind of weird playing another operation, as broken fang felt not so distant?

The release experience for Riptide was fun, as it was released so abruptly?

We didn’t know whether it was a community-made joke or an actual leak a couple of hours before it was released.

But, now, for three consistent years, we have received operations. So surely, we are to expect something else in the near future?

When will the next CSGO operation release?

Well, to be honest, CS:GO is CS:GO. We cannot predict the unpredictable.

They might do another “operation hydra” on us and not release an operation for three years.
Doubt it, though, as Valve like everyone to splurge their money!

From averages, I am going to TRY and predict it… So, riptide, broken fang, and shattered web were released between the months of September and December.

Considering that Riptide ended nearly four months ago, it wouldn’t surprise me if Valve released it around November.v If it isn’t, we have to assume we aren’t getting one!

What we can expect from the next CSGO operation

We can expect an operation around the end of the year, which will be brilliant.

We can sit back, relax and watch the Rio Major in November and then, at the end of the event, perhaps get an operation.

The operation means new skins, new skins, new skins, and new skins. Oh yeah, and perhaps a couple of new maps and whatever else blah blah blah.

Also, we get to add another gorgeous bronze coin to our inventories!

As we realize after buying the operation, we cannot be bothered to do our challenges.
Well, in all reality, we will get one. Valve likes our money, and we enjoy giving it to them!

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