The Fortnite Crew Pack has been a great deal for Fortnite players since its release. For $10 USD per month, you get access to the current Battle Pass, a fresh skin pack, and 1,000 V-Bucks.

Even though the deal is there, the skins have been relatively lackluster of late.

We had some cool ones to kick off the Crew Packs, but have since seen some generic skins that I wouldn’t consider buying if I saw them from the Item Shop.

Epic Games

Epic just announced May’s Crew Pack offering. To their credit, this one is unique.

Southpaw, as the character is called, is a lady with two different color eyes and robot arms.

She’s standing with her arms folded at all times, letting her robot arms do the work.

Again, credit where credit is due: it’s a unique Crew skin for the first time in a while. It still gives me the creeps.

The weirdest part of this skin has to be the folded arms.

Why are you standing with your arms crossed at all times? That’s stranger than having no natural arms, at all.

I’ll probably keep my Crew Pack for May – not because I like the skin, but because I’ll forget to cancel it ahead of time.

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