The m0NESY 1v4 was better than the cadiaN 1v4 vs Gambit

All clutches require mistakes from the enemy team.

Let's just get that out of the way in the first line before someone jumps down my throat. 

cadiaN's 1v4 to 'win' Pro League (that they were going to win anyway) was a huge play due to the situation and importantly, the casting. MACHINE, as he so often does, makes that clip feel so much more impactful and bigger than it really is.

It's a series of terrible, terrible mistakes by Gambit.

But... but your first line...

Yes, yes, I know. But these mistakes are the sort only borne out of playing a BO5 and being far too tired to think straight.

m0NESY's vs MIBR, despite the calibre of opposition being much worse, required fewer glaring mistakes, and the ones that occur are more explainable. The first guy cadiaN kills is quite literally just looking 180 degrees from where he should be.

The first one m0NESY kills misses a shot. That happens. Unless of course you're as good as me.

It also happens to cadiaN, who nafany should 100% trade after the knife kill, about two seconds before he drypeeks the AWP that he knows is holding that angle. m0NESY at least has to bait out the second peek with the bomb tap, and smartly positions himself to only be seen by one of the pincering players, also picking the one who is least likely to be expecting it.

cadiaN also has a whole load of time to pull it off, and can afford to do whatever he wants. The time pressure isn't there, which only makes Gambit's errors all the more unexplainable (except by the aforementioned fatigue).

m0NESY has a few seconds to make the decisions that split the players up, and the third player is just trying to buy a few seconds to stop him being able to plant. A mistake, but once more, one that makes sense in some way. 

In fairness to interz, he doesn't do that much wrong in getting double wallbanged by an AWP after his teammates both grief the situation as hard as they possibly can.

From there, it's a classic 1v1 for both of them, but the way in which they got there was completely different. m0NESY had to force the mistakes, under pressure, and also hit some glorious shots.

The lightning fast no-scope, the shot into CT - these are quality shots. cadiaN gets a knife kill, a dry peeking rifle and a wallbang on a guy not peeking him. These are not equal.

The m0NESY one even *looks* better. Purely aesthetically. It's flashier, quicker, a work of art. cadiaN's is kinda haphazard, a little rough around the edges. The occasion makes it, the casting is amazing, but the play does not hold up under scrutiny.

Gambit will look back at that round and curse the numerous ridiculous mistakes they make, and realise that that is so unlike them that it only could have happened due to brain fatigue. MIBR will look back at that clutch and go "well, I suppose we could have killed him here and maybe I should just not play for time?".

Justice for m0NESY.