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The LPL English broadcast is saved, here’s how to watch in 2024

The LPL is the largest of the four major regions in competitive League of Legends and English-language audiences will be able to keep enjoying it.

While Western regions are limited to three days of action each week, the LPL is a seven-day-a-week show. Every day, the LPL has at least two best-of-three series with some days consisting of three series. The number of matches is to be expected, considering the LPL currently has 17 teams and could even add more in the future. In 2024, the LPL will have more than double the number of teams in the LCS.

The LPL is a highly competitive league with a massive following. The popularity of this league has allowed some organizations to open their own home venues, similar to the way teams in traditional sports have their own stadiums. All that is to say, it’s a big deal.

But after the Worlds 2023 finals, information started circulating about the possible end of the LPL having an official English broadcast. The decision was reportedly made to reduce operation costs. Eliminating the official English broadcast would make the LPL completely inaccessible to fans outside of China. Thankfully, there will be an English broadcast but with leaner resources.

Will there be an LPL English broadcast in 2024?

Caster Joey “Munchables” Fenny confirmed there will be an official LPL English broadcast in 2024.

Few details are known about what this will look like in practice, but it’s expected that the LPL will have fewer English casters. This aligns with the report of moves to cut operating costs. Fans will also likely get a broadcast with fewer frills or graphics.

Where can you watch the LPL in English in 2024?

The LPL English broadcast is available on a number of social media platform, including official channels on Twitch and YouTube.

The original broadcast in Chinese is available through Tencent, BiliBily, Huya, and Douyu. The LPL is available in Korean through the AfreecaTV channel.

On YouTube there are multiple channels, both official and unofficial, that upload the VOD for the matches every day. These channels are a good resource for those who cannot keep up with the action live.

What is the LPL schedule for 2024?

The LPL Spring Season usually starts in the second week of January, and the full season is likely set to be broadcast in English.

The competition is divided into a regular season and playoffs. The regular season has a duration of 10 weeks. Depending on how the calendar falls, the first two weeks of the season will see only three days of competition.

Starting in the third week of the season, there will be matches Monday through Sunday. The playoffs are divided into two phases. The first phase is two King of the Hill single elimination bracket. The second phase is a double elimination bracket until a winner is decided. 

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