Credit: lolesports

Fan-vote trolling crisis: LEC make U-turn in All-Pro Award

In 2021, the LEC introduced a community voting for their ''All-Pro'' award. What is an ''All-Pro Award? The fans got to vote about the Top 3 players in each position, and in the end, the players with the most votes would rank in the All-Pro team.

This idea might have looked good at the beginning but it turned out to be a bad one. Fans voted for their favorite players no matter their performances, and the outcome was considered unfair. The LEC promised to make changes, and we can see that this is happening now.

The award will stay, but this time it has been reverted to an expert voted award from LoL experts, professionals, and pundits who will decide the outcome.

Additionally, a new category has been introduced. The LEC will add the '' KIA Finals MVP'' award, which for some reason, was missing until now. The achievements from the regular split and the playoffs should differ, which will be this award's goal.

Last year, G2 Rekkles won the MVP award for Spring 2021, and the funny thing is that G2 Esports didn't even make the finals. Rekkles got the small trophy straight after being eliminated and the timing plus the importance of the prize was irrelevant. With this new ''achievement'', things will undoubtedly make more sense.