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The International 2022 English broadcast features 45 casters

The International 2022 (TI11) English broadcast will feature 45 on-air talents, according to the latest announcement made by Valve.

That’s quite a significant number considering the importance of the crown jewel Dota 2 event — the biggest event esports has ever seen in regards to the prize pool.


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New faces grace The International 2022

Plenty of new faces will grace The International 2022 English broadcast. Many of them have been grinding their way up the ladder for years, and finally, their efforts are coming to fruition.

It also makes sense for Valve to hire more faces considering the long duration of TI11. Presumptuously, the “newbies” will be made to cast the Last Chance Qualifiers and other group stage matches, while the tier-1 talents take the cream games.

Nonetheless, it is a good chance to see how the new faces fare on The International stage albeit remotely.

Talents will broadcast the games remotely from Norway

The International 2022 Broadcast

In a bizarre move, the TI11 talent will be broadcasting games remotely from Oslo, Norway, and not on-site in Singapore.

It is yet to determine whether the finals weekend will have any on-site casters in front of a live audience, or if remote casting will be the norm.