The Heavy Shotgun is here to save the Chapter 3 Season 1 meta

The Fortnite v19.20 patch released today, bringing a list of changes with it. We have a new POI, Mythic SMG, bug fixes, and more.

Most players, however, are eager to get their hands on the returning weapon from this patch: the Heavy Shotgun.

Players have been asking for this shotgun for a while, but its return to the game is relatively unfamiliar.

Epic Games

The new-look Heavy Shotgun

Epic pushed the Heavy  Shotgun deeper into what it did well.

It was always a tight-spread, long-ranged shotgun, but Epic transitioned it into a slug shotgun with this update - the first of its kind in the game.

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In a meta that's currently dominated by the Stinger SMG, the new Heavy Shotgun is the best counter.

While an enemy tries to close the distance for the spray, you can punish them with the new shotgun.

The hip-fire isn't great, but that's what your SMG is for. The mid-range meta has completely shifted with one update.

We may even see some players running around with two shotguns. In 2022! What a world.

Epic Games

It's certainly hyperbolic to say that this shotgun fixes the Season 1 meta - something that pros have been complaining about ahead of the FNCS.

The Heavy Shotgun undoubtedly offers a reliable counter for accurate players - especially those using mouse and keyboard.

Let's be honest, here. Any spray meta favors controller players who barrel-stuff you in a box fight. 

The Heavy Shotgun looks to be a KBM-friendly mid-range counter, and that's exactly what Fortnite needed.