Fortnite Google Chrome 1

Not so fast

The next Fortnite crossover is… Google Chrome?

  • Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 has its title: Chrome.
  • Following a series of cryptic tweets, the topic started trending on Twitter.
  • The Twitter Trending team could only think of one thing: Fortnite X Google Chrome.

After some cryptic tweets, it seems like Fortnite and Google Chrome will be teaming up for a potential crossover – which is a strange thing to say.

Fortnite crossovers are a dime a dozen. It seems like each week brings a new one – we’ve had Wu-Tang, Dragon Ball, Destiny, and many more properties come to Fortnite in recent months. Why not an internet browser?

At least, that’s what the folks at Twitter thought. See, Fortnite was teasing Chapter 3 Season 4: Chrome.

Fortnite Google Chrome tweets

As you can see – along with the rest of the internet – the capitalized letters in these tweets spell “CHROME.”

When the topic began trending, Twitter could only think of Google Chrome – which is fair enough, in my opinion.

Fortnite has had some out-there crossovers before, but this would be a whole new level of obscure; partnering with an internet browser that’s notoriously RAM intensive and is one of the worst to use while gaming.

Fortnite Chrome
Epic Games

We’ve since gotten a teaser image along with the new slogan for Chapter 3 Season 4.

At this point, I’ve completely lost track of the Fortnite storyline. I used to be glued to each teaser, wondering what magic awaits in the next chapter of the cryptic Fortnite universe.

Now, I just play the game. The lore seems to have hit some dead ends.

Fortnite Chrome
Epic Games

Either way, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 releases on September 18. See you then.

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