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Release day!

The Football Manager 2023 Beta is out now!

It’s finally that time of the year, after a long time of waiting, the Football Manager 2023 beta has now been released.

The Football Manager 2023 beta continues the annual tradition of developers Sports Interactive giving fans two weeks of early access if they pre-order the game.

The Football Manager 2023 Beta begins now

Sports Interactive previously teased the release of the Football Manager 2023 beta by posting this tweet:

With the full game due to release on November 8th, die-hard fans will now get the chance to play their long-awaited game early. The Beta does typically come with a few bugs, however, and those fans are reminded to report those bugs in-game.

Football Manager 2023 is the first Football Manager game to release on PlayStation consoles, with the game due to be released on PlayStation 5. It is not the only console the game will release on, the game also releases on the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Series S/X. The game is available on the Xbox platforms through the Xbox Game Pass.

There are a host of new features included in Football Manager 2023, including the Dynamic Manager Timeline. The Dynamic Manager Timeline is a new feature intended to help players easily build upon the narratives of their saves. Landmarks such as record goalscoring seasons, oldest or youngest players, and competition achievements will be tracked along the Dynamic Manager Timeline. It builds upon the current End of Season Review feature.

Also included is the addition of full UEFA licensing, a big coup for the franchise. The new licensing comes with special podiums for the winners of the competitions, as well as new screens for all of the cup draws. Once again, these features are intended to build upon the narratives for the players and add to the overall levels of immersion.

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