Trading in CSGO is nowhere near the popularity boom we’ve seen in the past.

Nowadays, it is usually only ridiculous exchanges between millionaires or extremely well-known figures within the community. Trades between the average CSGO player aren’t precisely prominent to happen, nor tranquil when they do.

Here are some reasons to better your understanding of the downfall of CSGO trading.  

Vanquish of fair Player to Player trading sites

CS:GO Lounge steam group

Well, to all my skin veterans, we remember CSGO lounge!

Sites like CSGO lounge were great. They allowed players to go onto a site quickly, advertise what they owned, and list what they desired. That is it. There were no added taxes or fees you had to pay; the site was just perfect for players to trade peacefully. 

This made CSGO trading so simple. You could literally find someone wanting to trade with you within minutes, meaning that you could most probably walk away with a brand new knife within minutes, and both parties are happy. 

Over time, Valve or the owners of these sites had them removed from existence. Ruining it for everyone and slowly but surely, breaking down the ease and accessibility of the trading community.

Valves unforgiving greed

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Image: ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

As much as Valve loves to give, they also thrive off taking, regardless of the impact on communities. 

The CSGO skin community suffers extreme damage due to Valve. We can’t complain; if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t even have skins, and they wouldn’t have their billions…

But, Valve has so far made every attempt to block third-party trading and selling related skin sites. This is because they won’t make any return on the transactions of these sites. Clearly, the developer had questions about CSGO betting.

Valve doesn’t want you to trade. They want you to sell and rebuy your skins through steam specifically because they take a 15% cut on every steam market transaction. 

Why would they let you sell their items on third-party sites for free when they can try to corner you to sell through them for a 15 percent cut? 

More detailed merchants

Unlike no other, BUFF163 has explicitly managed to completely eradicate the need to find a specific item through forums, chat rooms, or social media. 

Newer and more recent CSGO sites have introduced more detailed search engines to their sites, allowing players to find the exact skin, sticker, float, and pattern on their gun within seconds.

These sites have entirely eradicated the need or desire to trade. Why would you bother searching for a specific person manually when a site can just do it for you? The player just names his price, and you match it. There are no lengthy negotiations. 

It’s sad, to be honest; the trading scene was fun, even with its toxicity. 

There’s no present without the past though aye.

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