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The walking dead

The Day Before: Steam’s most wishlisted game

The Day Before is perhaps the next biggest Zombie MMO to potentially bless the gaming market, with trailers and footage being out, hyping us all to heights we haven’t felt in a damn long time.

If you remember, our flesh-eating friends decided to go AWOL a little while back. With absolutely no new news on the title and developers leaving us in the cold almost entirely. Their socials all being completely dry from updates or information, making us think the developers were going to cancel the game.

With things back in working order and a set release date of the 1st of March 2023, we can begin to get excited again and look forward to the title’s release. But why is The Day Before so anticipated, and what will separate it from the other Zombie titles?


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The Day Before: the next big thing

The Day Before will forever change the zombie gaming market because gamers will finally be able to experience the perfect zombie game we have never received.

It almost seems stupid that we haven’t seen an open-world third-person adventure zombie game like this. We’ve received games like DayZ and left for dead, but they aren’t quite the ideal zombie fighting experience.

When gamers think of the perfect zombie game, they think of an open world, big guns, friends, hordes of zombies to slay, and a log cabin in the woods. Finally, The Day Before has made that happen for us.

In the game’s trailer, we can see everything we have ever dreamt of in a zombie game. So, that explains the hype, and a couple of months back, we had a scare that the developers would cancel the game, making us even more drawn to it as we don’t want to lose such a title.

The apocalypse is near

The Day Before will be set in America, allowing the developers to have infinite creative boundaries with the title, as America has a lot of different biomes and types of urban areas.

We’ve seen busy cities, snowy mountains, and sunny forests from the trailer and artwork. The different environments will allow the player to get immersed in the game. Different biomes mean different player needs, too, meaning your character might need a fire to keep warm.

This game needs to be about survival, sure, it can have a storyline, but a raw zombie game based on survival, base building, and different player gangs and hierarchy will be precisely what we want.

Everything is slowly falling into place, and the developers are yet to disappoint. They surely won’t be short of a player base due to everyone on Steam camping the release day, but more players, more people to murder in the name of survival.

Let’s hope the developers add proximity chat…