Credit: lolesports

The curse is broken: XL qualify for playoffs after dismantling SK Gaming

Excel Esports defeated SK Gaming in a crucial game for the LEC playoffs from the superweek. After 1142 days, the unthinkable happened and XL have secured their first-ever LEC playoffs. 
The game was not even close. XL dominated from start to finish and left no room for a contest. The gold lead was close to 3k before the 10th minute and it was a clean game from XL from that point onward. 
SK couldn’t even get a kill until the 24th minute. It was that one-sided and the final scoreline was 14-2 kills in favor of XL. After pure dominance, the game was closed after only 29 minutes and SK were eliminated from playoff contention. 
After three years, six splits and a lot of 7th place finishes, XL have finally made the playoffs and surely, we are living in an alternate universe now.