The scandals overshadowing the scandalous EPIC LEAGUE continue. If you haven’t heard about Akuma, now’s the time to catch up. Rumors suggest that they engaged in foul play at the CIS RMR.


A tweet by CIS insider @ABOverDrive, claims that an admin of the CIS RMR communicated with Akuma during their matches, with more info to follow*.

Guilty or not?

The community already claimed that Akuma cheated during the CIS RMR, with teams also showing frustration. All claims were rejected by the organizer. In a TwitLonger in Russian, the top-performer of Akuma, SENSEi, also stated that the results of Akuma simply were a result of their hard work as a team. 

SENSEi claims that Akuma did not cheat. Image:

If the rumor holds up, it will be another devastating blow to the organizers as EPIC LEAGUE are already being criticized for having no GOTV delay or anti-cheat, and for changing formats on the fly. 

Time for Valve to step in.

*More information is yet to be revealed. We’ll keep you updated in the app.