All is not well in paradise.

Cloud9 whimpered to a 0-3 loss to Evil Geniuses and now must face the wrath of the community; but more importantly, their own failures.

Despite a superb regular season, Summit was spam-ganked all throughout playoffs, and even when he had space, he was stonewalled by Impact – a fate so many have befallen.

NA mids, man

The positive for the region is that EG’s win came off the back of two of the most exciting young players the region has produced in years.

Danny picked up another penta – albeit gifted by Fudge – and Jojopyun completely took over game two with ten kills on the Viktor.

Game one saw Cloud9 take the dragon soul and the Elder drake and still could not win as they were so outscaled, outranged and could not fight into Ornn/Yuumi/Zeri late game. 

Go figure.

Somehow, Danny was allowed Zeri in game two and three, and C9 came to regret that – even if it was a complete stomp top to bottom.

Game three was Summit’s best game, as he moved his kill count from 2 to 5, but he was still in the end hapless. Danny, allowed Zeri again, ripped through the team and picked up 13 more kills in that game.

That’s as many as C9 got in game one and two combined.

An anticlimactic end to Cloud9’s MSI hopes, but one that had been foreshadowed.