Jax here. I know you don’t want to hear about ‘results’ and ‘stats’, so thankfully the real expert is here to tell you who the gigachads are.

The chads

    • SENSEi (sort of) – This crazy gamer has been popping heads for a little while, but he went supernova. 50 kills in a loss to Gambit, a 1.49 rating against NaVi as Akuma won 2-0 (with a 16-2!) and a 3rd place finish for a team nobody expected to do well. All good, right? Well, not quite. Take a look at this clip.

Notice anything… weird? Look at his camera. It’s not a one off either, and there’s been a few discussions over whether or not he’s been… f0rsaken-ing. He’s pretty damn good, so it’s not like he even needed to cheat. A shame, and that stops him being a true gigachad.

  • fropzen – chrisJ has taken to calling frozen and ropz just one person – fropzen. I like that. I also like absolutely smashing everyone in front of you and proving yourself to be the best in the region, which mouz did at Flashpoint. frozen took the MVP, but ropz was just as influential in mouz’ crusade to the top.

This guy is one of the best players in the world. This guy. CBA.

    • EXTREMUM – Look – third place in the NA RMR event isn’t that impressive, but the longest journey start with a single step. I think James Bardolph said that. Anyway, EXTREMUM have been pretty unimpressive for the most part since inception, so finally showing signs of life is a positive sign. Shoeys aren’t exactly being downed in grand numbers, but there is a solitary shrimp on the barbie.
    • Kjaerbye – Though Hyenas didn’t exactly pull up any trees at Flashpoint 3, Kjaerbye did prove himself somewhat. He ended as one of the highest rated players at the event – while rain who stayed in FaZe ahead of him finished as one of the worst. That’s a nice touch for him.

The betas

    • Epic League – If you’d heard about the clown show in the CIS RMR, you knew this was coming. You know that clip I posted earlier, with the player potentially ghosting? Yeah, that’s because they had no delay on the GOTV, making it ridiculously easy. That, combined with the lack of anti-cheat, poor payment of talent, games not being played and the final being changed to a BO5 on a whim made this tournament miserable.
    • JW – Ah man, what happened to you Jesper? You used to be so good. The legendary Swedish sniper ended with a 0.50 rating at Flashpoint, which is just straight up not good enough. I could put the whole of FNATIC on here, but… 0.50 is not acceptable.
    • Evil Geniuses – Last place in the NA RMR event. Not much more to say. This team used to be one of the best in the world – now they’re tier 2 in NA.
    • Aleksib – I’m sorry, guys. I know we all like Aleksib, and it’s sacrilegious to suggest he’s not the second coming of God, or gla1ve – but OG went out in last in Europe at an event that was there for the taking. If OG are supposed to be up there as one of the best, they can’t keep doing this. The buck has to stop with Aleksi – we know all of these players are good, and he’s had time and roster moves to get this team where it wants to be, but progress is either glacial, or non existant.

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