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The best wonderkid Goalkeepers in Football Manager 2023

Wonderkid Goalkeepers have been somewhat hard to come by for a few years on Football Manager now, 2023’s edition is no different. Still, every team begins with its Goalkeeper. No team can expect to succeed without a rock in the net.

There are still some incredible wonderkid Goalkeepers available to be signed in Football Manager 2023. In this list, we’ll be taking you through the best of them.

Elia Caprile

Chief of all the wonderkid Goalkeepers in Football Manager 2023 is Elia Caprile. Starting life in your save at Bari, the 20-year-old is one of the few players on this list without a dynamic potential. This means that he’s guaranteed to become one of the best in the world on every save you play.

With a Current Ability of 121, the young Italian is not quite ready for elite-level football at the start of the game. He can be signed cheaply. Pick him up early and loan him out so he can reach his Potential Ability of 157.

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Gavin Bazunu

One of the four players signed from Man City over the Summer, Southampton’s Gavin Bazunu is once again of the best wonderkid Goalkeepers on the game in Football Manager 2023. He will come at a high price due to his home-grown status, but should you sign him, you’ll have one of the best Goalkeepers available.

Similar to Caprile, with just a 126 Current Ability, he’s not quite ready for elite football. Given Southampton’s Goalkeeper situation, however, he’ll be getting elite football regardless. A fast grower with a dynamic Potential Ability range between 140-170, Bazunu can become the best in the world.

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Marco Carnesecchi

Football Manager 2022 players will be very familiar with Marco Carnesecchi. The second Italian on this list, his Potential Ability of 159 is slightly higher than Caprile’s. The drawback, however, is that he plays for the more reputable Atalanta. He’ll cost at least double if you wish to sign him.

His loan to Cremonense means he’ll get plenty of game time in the first season. By your second season, if you’re willing to stump up the cash, he’ll easily be good enough for Premier League football.

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Dennis Seimen

Stuttgart’s Dennis Seimen might just be Germany’s answer to replacing Manuel Neuer. One of the best wonderkid Goalkeepers in Football Manager 2023, the youngster is a long-term option for your saves.

With a Current Ability of 100, Seimen is a long way away from being ready for first-team football. Given time, however, his Potential Ability range of 140-170 promises he could become one of the world’s greatest.

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Nathaniel Nwosu

The biggest unknown quantity on this list is Nathaniel Nwosu. Playing for Water F.C. in Nigeria, Nwosu is an outside shout for the best wonderkid Goalkeeper in Football Manager 2023. At just 16 years of age, he is the weakest of all Goalkeepers on this list in terms of Current Ability.

Available to be signed for nothing, his club’s low reputation should prevent his fee from ever becoming too high. With a Potential Ability range of 140-170, his future promise more than makes up for his lack of Current Ability.

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