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Bargains abound

The best picks from the 2024 Steam Spring Sale are sure to tempt

If you’re trying to save money, do yourself a favor and don’t look at Steam for the next few days. The latest Spring Sale is here, and it’s already promoting some of the best and biggest deals PC gamers have yet seen.

Valve’s regular sales have become akin to gamer holidays. Occurring at regular intervals throughout the year, the sales leave gamers scrambling to pick up wishlisted titles new and old. Many Steam users have almost entirely foregone purchasing games outside of the major Steam sales, and it’s not hard to understand why given the potential values that are out there waiting to be taken advantage of.

Best deals in the 2024 Steam Spring Sale

With so many games on sale, it’s hard to pick just a few best deals. It really depends on what you’re looking for in your gaming interests.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a great choice for role-playing game fans, or anyone interested in playing an award-winning title. The RPG was widely cited as the game of the year in 2023, inspiring players with its colorful cast of characters and intriguing, branching narrative. All of this was layered on top of an exciting battle system, making it little wonder why it was so frequently honored in the 2023 award season. It’s now on sale for $53.99 USD, which is about as good of a discount as you’ll find for this much-heralded game so close to its release date.

Hogwarts Legacy is another 2023 title that is up for sale, and it has received a much steeper discount of 50%, now priced at only $29.99.

The game puts players in much the same position of the now-famous Harry Potter character, in a world of wizards and magical beasts while studying magic at the Hogwarts school. Cited for its impressive visuals and sense of immersion, Hogwarts Legacy still stands as a great pick-up for any Harry Potter franchise fan.

Looking for something on the cheaper side? There are still some great options available. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has been one of the most popular competitive multiplayer games of the last several years, and while it has since been dwarfed by such titles as Counter-Strike 2 and Valorant, it still has a dedicated base of players and features unique tactical combat. What’s more, it’s on sale for a bargain price of just $3.99.

Looking for a more frightening multiplayer title? Dead by Daylight has also proven to have a dedicated base of players since its 2016 release, and it’s available for only $7.99. There’s a word of warning for anyone looking to get into the game fresh, however: the franchise’s partnerships with such creative properties as Resident Evil, Child’s Play, and Evil Dead have resulted in a vast array of DLC offerings. Most of theses are also on sale now, but if you add them all up together, they’ll be a bit less cheap.

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