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The best landing spots to win in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Fortnite wins: some of us have em, some of us need em.

One of the great things about Fortnite is that you can play it any way you want.

Do you want to drop into a chaotic fight? Land Tilted. Want a slow-paced, relaxed game until the final circle? Land on the outskirts and hide in a bush.

Some POIs are better than others if you're looking for a win, though. Here are my top landing spots of the season.


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Commando Cavern

We'll start with the most obvious drop spot for players who know the map: Commando Cavern.

Commando Cavern has the second most chests of any POI at 58.

Even if another team lands with you, you'll have a good chance to loot-up before the fight.

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This is my number-one landing spot in Fortnite and it has been since the beginning of Chapter 1, and it remains one of the best places to land if you're looking for a win.

Contested spots are fun, and all, but you need a slump buster every now and then. That's what Sanctuary offers.

Sanctuary has 35 chests and no more than one or two other teams will land here each game. More often than not, the whole area is free.

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Daily Bugle

Spider Man is gone, but the Daily Bugle is still one of the best drop spots on the map for the same reason it always has been: loot.

The Bugle is more intense than some of the other POIs on this list. It's chaotic, filled with NPCs, there's a blimp, and it's usually a hot drop.

I suggest landing on the Blimp if you can. Those in the city are automatically on the low ground from multiple angles.

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Camp Cuddle

Camp Cuddle is, in a couple of ways, the opposite of The Daily Bugle.

There are only 30 chests in the area, but the three main locations are spread out and hardly any teams land here.

Half of the time, you'll be able to loot the whole area for free. Camp Cuddle gives me Weeping Woods vibes, this season.

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