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On a budget

The best CSGO gloves for the broke boys

Gloves are arguably more important than a knife in CSGO.

This is because gloves are constantly visible to the player, no matter what, which is depressing for you as they can’t do much to hide the shame of your Gut Knife Fade. 

Hopefully, this article will teach you some tastes and culture. Helping you become more sophisticated within your taste of skins

Here are the top three budget gloves in CSGO.

1. Moto Gloves Polygon: $112-$926

Unfortunately, these gloves can look pretty messed up in battle-scarred condition. 

But, they are blue and blue is cool.

These gloves are the perfect addition to a budget inventory – bringing more excitement, color, and life to your plethora of skins. 

Plus, they are incredibly cheap. A field-tested will only cost you around $170, so that’s something to think about?

2. Hand Wraps Badlands: $73-$520

These gloves are faultless if you ask me. 

Where the badlands finish is more “army” aura, they get away with being worn down and battle-scarred.

Yes, factory new looks clean, but battle-scarred looks fantastic and is more fitting to the game. 

Especially how these gloves are “desert operation” themed, and many CSGO maps are oriented around desert biomes. Like Mirage, Dust 2, and Overpass which have a lot of orangy-toned colors featured within the B-site. 

3. Bloodhound Gloves Charred: $67-$1200

These gloves are so easy to rep.

They are glossy brown, red, and silver. All pretty standard colors within CSGO that can complement a range of skins and even look good with default knives. 

The obvious element of these gloves is that they aren’t anything special. But, they are professional, discreet, and smart. A lot of aspects that expensive CSGO gloves don’t share.

The gloves bring a simple yet diverse addition to your skin collection without giving the “I’m on government aid” vibe.