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The best cheap FIFA 23 players to upgrade your FUT grind

Starting in FIFA Ultimate Team mode is always a bit of a slippery slope, especially if you don’t have much luck getting players with the highest ratings from the start. But a common place to begin is to look for the cheapest options that will still bring a good competitive edge to that team packed with low-rated players of yours.

Before having the god-like FUT Icons Ruud Gullit card, every player had its 77-average squad. We’ve all been there, and that’s okay. We got you from the start. And the start revolves around seeking the ultimate best and cheapest options on the market.

It is worth pointing out that some of these prices may fluctuate depending on the day of the week.

cheap FUT players
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The best cheap players by highest rating on FUT

In this list, we’ve separated some players that are very solid options to getting you that W — and that are total bargains up to F$ 5k.

  • Konrad Laimer
    • Rating: 83
    • Club/League: RB Leipzig, Bundesliga
    • Position: CDM, CM
    • Qualities: It is great (and hilarious) to hear the term mini-Gullit, which is how people generally compare balanced midfielders. This is the case here. Even better? Cheap. Gullit.
    • Price: F$ 1,4 k
  • Lorenzo Pellegrini
    • Rating: 84
    • Club/League: Roma, Serie A
    • Position: CAM, CM
    • Qualities: Great high/high work rate both on defense and attack and nice body type.
    • Price: F$ 2,1k
  • Eduardo Camavinga
    • Rating: 79
    • Club/League: Real Madrid, La Liga
    • Position: CM, CDM
    • Qualities: He is so often everywhere on the pitch that it’s annoying.
    • Price: F$ 1k
  • Lucas Paquetá
    • Rating: 82
    • Club/League: West Ham United, Premiere League
    • Position: CAM, CM, CF
    • Qualities: Overall great dribbling with a 5-star skill bonus, making it easy to create attacking opportunities.
    • Price: F$ 1,6k
  • Darwin Nuñez
    • Rating: 82
    • Club/League: Liverpool, Premiere League
    • Position: ST, CF, LW
    • Qualities: Great finishing potential, even if he’s 3-star and weak foot rated.
    • Price: F$ 1,6k
  • Alejandro Gómez
    • Rating: 84
    • Club/League: Sevilla, La Liga
    • Position: CAM, LW
    • Qualities: The Argentinian Messi, as FIFA fans say. Which is genius.
    • Price: F$ 3,2 k
cheap FUT players
EA Sports

The even cheaper players list

Do you need even less expensive player options? Come on! So here are even cheaper players (up to 1k) to save your FUT Club from bankruptcy.

  • Lacroix
    • Rating: 77
    • Club/League: VfL Wolfsburg, Bundesliga
    • Position: CB
    • Qualities: Insane acceleration and pacing for irritating your opponents with tackles in Division Rivals.
    • Price: F$ 900
  • Ben Godfrey
    • Rating: 77
    • Club/League: Everton, Premier League
    • Position: CB, LB
    • Qualities:
    • Price: F$ 1k
  • Weston McKennie
    • Rating: 80
    • Club/League:
    • Position: CM, LM
    • Qualities: High attack and defense work rate and overall great balanced stats.
    • Price: F$ 1k
  • Ridle Baku
    • Rating: 80
    • Club/League: VfL Wolfsburg, Bundesliga
    • Position: RM, RB, RW, CB
    • Qualities: Nice stamina and dribbling. Also a great variety of positions, so it could be a great fit almost anywhere in your squad.
    • Price: F$ 650
  • Sergi Darder
    • Rating: 82
    • Club/League: Espanyol, La Liga
    • Position: CM, CDM, CAM
    • Qualities: Great balance and stamina, making it possible to cover almost every place on the pitch.
    • Price: F$ 700
  • Fred de Paula
    • Rating: 80
    • Club/League: Manchester United, Premiere League
    • Position: CM, CDM
    • Qualities: Excellent stamina and ball control, also high work rate both in attack and defense
    • Price: F$ 900
  • Aaron Ramsdale
    • Rating: 82
    • Club/League: Arsenal, Premiere League
    • Position: GK
    • Qualities: Nice overall reflexes and solid option for a goalkeeper.
    • Price: F$ 650.

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