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On December 3rd, 2020, Valve released their 10th Operation titled Broken Fang - now, as Operation Broken Fang enters the final week of its life, let's take a look at some of the best - and worst - things that came with it.

The Best of Broken Fang

Agent Number K


We can't present a best-of-Broken-Fang-list without mentioning Agent Number K. Or Condom Man, as he quickly was named at the release of the Operation - it's a nylon stocking, by the way, but I guess that takes the fun out of it. Still, Agent Number K gets a score of Number A in our book.

Ping/Chat Wheel

"Cannot ping. Ping is on cooldown."

While spam-pinging is fun, we have to applaud the addition of a ping/chat wheel, which has seen its rise with the flood of Battle Royale games. Communication is crucial to the competitive CS:GO gameplay, so any update that helps people literally communicate anything is a good update.

Stat page


Better late than never. CS:GO finally got a stat page so players can dive deeper into their in-game performances. Bad aim and poor flash success have never looked better. Unfortunately, you have to play the toxic-infested official matchmaking to have your statistics registered. Valve, pls fix.

Broken Fang Premier

With the Operation, new game modes followed - most notably is the Broken Fang Premier mode. Instead of queuing for specific maps as in normal matchmaking, players enter a voting stage to ban and pick between the seven Active Duty maps and starting side. While it isn't perfect, it is a step in the right direction for the non-casual player base. Try it out, or, you know, keep playing on Faceit.

Co-Op Strikes

Co-Op Strikes have become an integral part of the Operations, giving CS:GO its very own story-based gameplay. While the story itself might not be anything to celebrate, this Operation's Co-Op Strikes brings a few fun and exciting mechanics into play. If you've played them, chances are you remember the near-impossible flashbang maze from the second Co-Op Strike. If anyone says they don't, they're lying.

The Worst of Broken Fang

Competitive and Casual Missions

*Sigh* Missions? Okay, rant incoming.

Whoever suggested that you should win twenty rounds of matchmaking for every mission should try it themselves. There are zero rewards for winning a game, as you have to do it all over again for a measly four rounds.

In casual, the entire principle of Counter-Strike is ruined when people are camping spots on a map to place a graffiti - instead of playing the objective. I feel for the casual players.

You can do better, Valve. Rant over.

Duffle-bagging criminals

In an attempt to make CS:GO the first Pay-to-Lose game, Valve added player models with big duffle bags on their backs. Unfortunately, our beloved Agent Number K is in that group of duffle-bag-carrying criminals. It's simple, get these skins if the game is too easy for you and you're looking to be nerfed.

Co-Op Strikes

Yes, I know. I've already said this was one of the best parts. But, the disappointment of only having two Co-Op Strikes with an average-at-best story for each Operation earns it a place on this list as well. Sorry, not sorry.

Havok collection

The Operations always bring along many new skins, though the Havok collection pales compared to the Broken Fang case and Control collection. While those two bring us skins like Glock-18 | Neo-NoirM4A1-S | PRINTSTREAM, AWP | Fadeand M4A1-S | Blue Phosphor, the only decent skin in the Havok collection is the AK-47 | X-Ray - which is over-rated, by the way. Don't @ me.

Engage (de_engage)

While it feels incredible to get new content and maps, de_engage isn't cutting it for us. The map looks great, but when it comes to gameplay, it falls behind. The map offers very few options to throw utility because the main gameplay takes place inside a building, and the movement in mid is too restricted. And don't get us started on the verticality of A site.

Oh, and though it works now, let's revisit the car-ping bug one last time.

With Operation Broken Fang ending April 30th, make sure to get that Diamond Coin before it's too late. It could be a while before we see a new Operation.

Simon Brage is a Danish author for, covering all things Counter-Strike with an emphasis on Counter-Strike tournaments and the CS esports scene. A tech enthusiast with a creative streak, Simon pursues computer science with an emphasis on machine learning when he's not busy playing or watching Counter-Strike.