Happy Thursday, folks!

A few updates and question answered about WordPress:

Sub-headline directly in text editor

It is now possible to use multiple headlines in one text element (h2, h3, h4) using the rich text editor.

This is h2 (use this one)

Comparison h3

Comparison h4

This means that you don’t have to add a new element to do a sub-headline.

Add elements block is back

Also: Now the “add elements” button has been added to the editor. And spacing between blocks has been adjusted a bit

Use “video element” for Twitch embeds

Generally, we want to use our own video templates (Biteable) for highlight clips. But if you need to add a Twitch clip/stream, you can upload the embedded Twitch clip code in WordPress.

Please use the “video element”, add the embedded code (replace example.com with news.jaxon.gg in the twitch embed code).

When you use the video instead of the text element,  you can drag the video block up and down.

Did you know?

You can add a bullet list to a text paragraph:

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
  • Bullet 3

This means you don’t have to add a new bullet element.

What updates to come?

  • We’re looking to add the <mark> function to the rich text toolbar.
  • We’re looking to make use of the “Tag section” below, so it takes you to a sub-page (nice overview) with all articles tagged the same.

Happy editing 🙂

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