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TenZ says CS2 mechanics are “fundamentally better” than Valorant

Valorant pro player and popular streamer Tyson “TenZ” Ngo recently compared Valorant and CS2 during one of his streams. 

The two tactical shooters are often compared due to their similarities, though they play quite differently. Even their visuals are quite different, with Valorant having brighter colors and a more cartoonish art style versus Counter-Strike 2’s hyper-realistic colors and model designs. TenZ has experience playing both games at a top level, playing pro Counter-Strike for three years before becoming a Valorant star. His career makes him one of the most qualified gamers in the world to speak on the topic.

Tenz discussed their differences and what makes each of them fun, but still ultimately settled on the better game. 

TenZ says CS2 is more technical and rewarding than Valorant

According to Tenz, the mechanical side of CS2 is “fundamentally better” than Valorant’s mechanics, a sentiment that many in the community share. Where Valorant has more random aspects, such as spray patterns and even first-hit accuracy, CS2 is much more precise and eliminates a lot of RNG aspects.

Tenz explained that this makes grinding the game and learning much more rewarding. It felt like he was actually improving at the game as he played, which was more fun for him. There was also a creative side to it with things like smokes, although he acknowledged that Valorant can be much more creative because of Agents and their abilities.

Overall, these differences make CS2 more fun for Tenz. However, don’t expect him to switch back anytime soon.

Community reacts to TenZ’s take

Many in the community agreed with Tenz’s opinion, saying that Valorant is fun but CS2 outshines it from a technical standpoint. The satisfaction from performing well in CS2 feels much better to players compared to winning in Valorant, where a random headshot or spray pattern can win or lose a game.

Of course, a player’s skill level drastically changes their experience in both games. Lower-ranked players may not have as much fun in CS2 if they’re getting outplayed every game, and higher-ranked players may get frustrated with Valorant’s RNG aspects when it costs them a match. 

CS2 Inferno top banana

The biggest problem for CS2 revolves around its anti-cheat software. Tenz didn’t mention it when comparing Valorant and CS2, but the community promptly brought it up. It’s been a consistent problem for years in Counter-Strike, and just six months ago it accidentally banned thousands of players.

Most everyone, Tenz included, agreed that both game have their own strengths and weaknesses. But if he has to pick which one is better, he’s going with CS2.

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