teeq, Kami & Setty dominate EU Season 8 FNCS

This wasn't the most engaging FNCS competition we've ever seen, with the winner all but decided after the first day of competition.

teeq, Setty, and Kami went into day 2 with a 25 point lead on second place, and only extended things in day 2.

It was an incredibly impressive showing from the trio, who are making the argument for the best trio in the world. The team never placed outside of the top ten and had secured the win by the fourth game of day 2.

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aqua, crriya, and Fastroki tried their best to combat teeq's team throughout the event, but it's hard to beat a team with a huge lead that makes it to end-game every time. There was nothing they could do but pad their second-place lead with consistent games in day 2.

Some other noteworthy placements include

Benjy, MrSavage, and endretta disappointed yet again. It's been the same story for several seasons, now. They commit to a contested POI and face inconsistency as they 50-50 every match. Hopefully, they can find an uncontested drop spot soon so we can see what they're really capable of.


Now, we're looking towards NA-East as things are much more competitive out there. We'll keep you posted with updates from that game.