Labrov shined as Team Vitality caused an uproar on reddit during the LEC's Week 6 festivities

Renata to the rescue

Team Vitality’s LEC Week 6 rampage begets loud Reddit reactions

Week 6 of the LEC Summer season 2022 further cemented the realities that certain teams are going through, and the League of Legends Reddit community wasted no time in giving their thoughts and reactions on the same. 

We start by looking at the reactions to Team Vitality’s big win over G2 esports. Lots of praise was heaped on Team Vitality, who had another big win this season.

It was also stated by some fans that this was the worst they’d seen G2 perform this season. Also, Renata won a lot of admirers. 

It didn’t stop there for Team Vitality. They also had an impressive victory against Excel esports, another top team. 

The team seemed to be finally clicking into gear according to the responses. 

There was no fairytale win for BDS against G2, but Redditors were quick to note that BDS’ Cinkrof is a special talent. 

Finally, it looks like there’s light at the end of the tunnel for Fnatic, who are going through one of their poorest campaigns since 2016. 

There was a lot of sarcasm in the comments to cope with the team’s decline.