Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Team Vitality flops; Rogue, Fnatic shine in 2022 LEC opening week

The 2022 LEC’s Superteams had opposing fortunes on Week 1: Fnatic thrived 3-0, and Team Vitality flopped 0-3. Meanwhile, Rogue (3-0) had a steady yet quiet start to the 2022 season.

Team Vitality’s disjointed plays have been their bane, and their opponents exploited their weaknesses. Their lack of coordination was telling, whether it involved map movements or towerdive setups—most glaringly against Fnatic.

MAD Lions (2-1) punished Vitality’s macro gaps, Fnatic spiralled a top lane early game lead (of Vitality’s doing) to victory, and Excel Esports’ inspired plays overcame their opponents.

Meanwhile, Fnatic (3-0) lived to its billing as a Superteam with decisive victories against SK Gaming and Team BDS. Against BDS, Hylissang (3/0/12) carried Fnatic to the finish line through his Rakan prowess, reminding LEC fans of his notorious playmaking ability.

At the same time, Rogue (3-0) started their Malrang era with a bang, and the bot lane shined throughout all three games. Their combined KDA score, 26/5/51, paints a story of utter annihilation during teamfights and solid positioning, mostly without wasteful deaths.

Fnatic and Rogue lead the fray with G2 Esports, MAD Lions and Misfits Gaming trailing them. Misfits and G2’s relatively easy early schedule allowed them to start strong, whereas MAD Lions’ hiccup against SK Gaming prevented a perfect week.

The standings after Week 1 are as follows:

Team nameWinsLosses
3G2 Esports21
-MAD Lions21
-Misfits Gaming21
6Excel Esports12
-SK Gaming12
-Team BDS12
10Team Vitality03