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Team Spirit oust the defending champions, OG, from TI10

Team Spirit went up against OG in a possible David vs Goliath battle on the fourth day of the TI10 Main Event lower bracket elimination series.

Game one, concisely said, looked to be in Team Spirit’s favour despite the illusion of OG being considerably ahead in terms of gold and xp. All the gold difference belonged to Sumail’s Tiny with OG supports being the laggards.

Few clutch fountain skewer’s from Spirit’s Magnus broke OG’s back with the former’s Ember Spirit dying only once during the entirety of the game. Death by a thousand cuts is an apt way to portray OG’s situation as they had no answer, especially relying solely on Sumail to carry the game for them, and ending up losing game one.

Game two saw a similar playstyle with OG once again relying on Sumail’s Tiny with a Topson classic on Invoker. Spirit’s answer to OG’s draft was Lifestealer and Void Spirit. The gold difference at 27 minutes was a meagre 3k but a clutch skewer from Magnus on Spirit’s side once again saw Topson get caught off-guard and his death resulted in mega at the bottom lane.

However, OG’s downfall came within the next 2 minutes when the defending TI champions fell down to Spirit’s cheeky and cleverly executed team-fight. Thus ended the reigning champions’ quest for a third TI title.

Spirit 2:0 OG.

Take a bow to the King slayers!

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