Team Secret qualifies for The International 2022 (TI11) by securing one of the two remaining spots at the TI11 LCQ.

Team Secret faced Virtus Pro in the upper bracket finals of the TI11 Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), a battle which would fill the first vacant slot for TI11.

The first game of the series started on an equal footing with both teams trading blows one after the other.

The game reached a point where Virtus Pro had a considerable lead against Team Secret, however, some mistakes from the former and some smart decisions from the latter completely changed the tide of the first game in the upper bracket finals of the TI11 LCQ.

Team Secret’s incredible pick-offs during the tail end of the game and the decision to rush down mid and directly take the base towers, thus provoking Virtus Pro to buyback on their heroes, turned favourable in an otherwise tough scenario.

Team Secret TI11
Photo by Valve

Game two was a one-sided affair with Team Secret pummeling Virtus Pro and sending them to the lower bracket finals at the TI11 LCQ.

Virtus Pro have one last chance to qualify for The International 2022 and await the winner between Team Liquid vs Vici Gaming series.

Team Secret to TI11: Puppey becomes The International All-Timer

By qualifying for TI11, Team Secret’s charismatic captain, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov, becomes the only Dota 2 professional player to attend all TI’s held since inception.

Puppey placed 3rd at TI10, Team Secret’s highest placing at TI, losing to the eventual TI10 Champions, Team Spirit.

However, the G.O.A.T doesn’t want to rest until he can get his hands on the Aegis — a trophy that has been eluding him ever since he won TI1.

It will be wonderful to see Puppey play at TI11, to say the least.

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