Team Liquid will be the best team in the West

Team Liquid have the best ADC in the West and the best support.

They've got the GOAT LCS in mid lane and a top laner who - though inconsistent - has proved himself able to be a key part of incredibly strong line-ups. They have the best bot lane by a mile, and can easily compete if not dominate any other Western team in the other two lanes.

Santorin is the only question mark, but he's a player who is a facilitator from the jungle role; a guy who was willing to lower himself to being Alphari's pocket gremlin instead of taking over games like he can do. When your laners are this good, you don't need a carry jungler. Santorin will be plenty enough.

Who can even compete?

"For Bjergsen, this is finally the real litmus test we've been waiting for."

Unless G2's patched up bot lane somehow defy all expectations, they're going to get blasted through bot by TL. EG have the best jungler in the West, but will struggle to hold Bjergsen and Hans, especially in lane. MAD, Rogue, Vitality will all have some issues to work through (though Vitality could roll a 6 and run through everyone).

FNATIC are a team who could run Liquid close, though. Humanoid is a better mid laner than Bjerg, and Upset and Hyli can match Hans and CoreJJ. Bwipo vs Wunder is an old-school clash, but Wunder needs to prove he can actually get back to his old level. And so, I edge it to Team Liquid for now.

The LCS is barely going to be competitive, but TL might finally be the NA team to do something internationally (I do of course use 'NA' liberally, given there's exactly zero Americans on this roster). This team can do some serious damage, with every player but the mid/jungle having proved themselves capable of slaying it on the big stage.

For Bjergsen, this is finally the real litmus test we've been waiting for. Outside of TSM, surrounded by genuine stars, not needing to 1v9. This is where we see if he can really do it on the big stage or if he is a choker.

"Do I pick Rengar here, or is that too disrespectful to the rest of NA?"

Anyone claiming this isn't at least a top 2 Western team pre-split is crazy, and blinded by the fact they're in the LCS and called Team Liquid. The curse of coming fourth is over, unless you class a semi-final finish at Worlds a curse.

This team has everything it needs. Let's just hope it clicks.