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Well, who saw that one coming?

Team Liquid ripped NaVi to shreds on Inferno to complete a huge 2-1 victory over the best team in the world – in what is likely Liquid’s last dance.

An impressive map one from the North American side was swiftly followed by a sucker punch from NaVi, who were lights out on Dust 2.

Changes… needed?

Team Liquid were superb – especially on Inferno – and a lot of that came from the hands of NAF and ELiGE who will probably be staying with the organisation.

But Grim and Stewie had stand-out moments and FalleN – whilst not his old, swashbuckling self – was solid and held the line once called upon.

Overpass was close at the start of the second, but Liquid put up nine out of ten rounds to close it out on the CT side, and it was a 11-4 CT side that set them up for victory on Inferno.

On the NaVi side, despite looking at their robotic, automatic best on Dust 2, were flat on their T sides on map one and two and even s1mple struggled to stamp his considerable authority on the game.

This throws a spanner in the works – and now it really feels like anything could happen at BLAST.

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