That’s a heavy headline; but it’s a true one. Team Liquid players might be saving a CS fans life.

Counter-Strike fan Cody Grannan released a GoFundMe to help pay for life-saving surgery on his subaortic stenosis, a heart disease that will at some point make his heart stop.

Due to Cody’s existence within North America, he has to pay over $5000 for surgery which, as a student, isn’t happening.

A light at the end of the tunnel

Fortunately, the Counter-Strike community is a lovely one.

Cody woke up to over $1000 in one day – which, by his own admission, is far more than he expected to get total.

Many people donated money, but $1500 total came from ELiGE, another $500 from YEKINDAR, $1000 from NAF and $300 from nitr0.

That’s $3300 from Team Liquid players, if one includes YEKINDAR.

Caster DarfMike also shows up on the top donations with $100, with Hunter Dunifon, David Stafford and Jill Blaylock all donating 100 or more dollars.

It appears that Cody will at least get close to the goal, and will hopefully be able to get the surgery he requires.

A sad story, with a happy ending. Best of luck, Cody!

Elliott Griffiths covers a variety of esports from his home base in the United Kingdom. His greatest emphasis is on competitive Counter-Strike, but he has also covered all aspects of League of Legends esports across the game's various international regions.