Team Liquid pip C9 at the post on LCS week two day one

The church met its equal as Team Liquid were able to weather the storm and stop Cloud9 from going 3-0 at the start of the LCS split.

Despite a super strong Karthus and Irelia, some mechanical outplays from Team Liquid turned the fights around, and Hans Sama’s Jinx was given time to scale and match the power of the C9 comp.

Bwipo struggled in earlier skirmishes but a super clutch Gragas ultimate denied Karthus a huge Requiem with a second Baron on the line, and with that ability on cooldown, Cloud9 were caught with their pants down.

“Can I Karthus ult crab?”

The best of the rest

Flyquest now top the LCS as the last remaining undefeated team after they comfortably and confidently ripped through TSM.

An early dive from TSM went disastrously wrong – largely as Spica and Huni tried to dive an Ornn with Renekton and Lee Sin. It was already doomed before Josedeodo turned up to collect a kill, leaving TSM’s early game topside in serious danger.

Tactical’s struggles continues as he was caught out in midlane, while Shenyi’s 0-7-3 scoreline doesn’t really betray his gameplay. 

TSM are joined in the 0-3 camp by Counter Logic Gaming, who were shredded by Lost’s Aphelios.

Cheese doesn’t work vs Real

CoreJJ was not a fan of Cloud9’s draft.

Pridestalkr gapped Contractz in the jungle as his Lee Sin looked absolutely awful and could not get any of his lanes ahead – but it was Lost who profited most and ended the game deathless, with eight kills.

They too tried to counter-pick the Renekton with Ornn, but the Xin Zhao/Renekton were actually able to snowball the game, largely due to the ineffectiveness of Contractz.

The biggest surprise of the day was Immortals taking down 100 Thieves – not least as 100 Thieves looked certain to win after some superb teamfighting gave Closer’s Viego a massive lead.

huhi, however, had different ideas, and a particularly ugly flash engage on his once-revered Sett support completely threw their lead, and Immortals cleaned up to win the game. He wasn’t even the best support on his own team this game, especially after Closer peeled for FBI beautifully with a stolen Tahm Kench W.

Evil Geniuses were able to avoid upset, but only just, in a game bereft of quality.

Impact pulled out the Karma Smite top after Dignitas locked in Renekton top having seen the Karma locked in in the first phase, for some reason. FakeGod had absolutely no effect on the game despite getting two whole towers uncontested as Impact died twice roaming around, and Danny and Jojopyun managed to scale to late game and destroy Dignitas’ full early game comp.

Funnily enough, by second Baron, Caitlyn/Renekton/Ahri has no hope of touching a double support, Corki/Jinx comp. Maybe next time don’t lock in the worst scaling top in the game against a potential Smite top flex?

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