Team Liquid outlast Evil Geniuses in a bonkers series

Few tuned in to the LCS expecting to see a five game series; especially as Liquid were tipped as huge favorites.

After game one, even fewer did; but some superb games from EG made it one of the better playoff games we've had this year.

Even if game five was a bit of a letdown.

Five games of chaos

Game one was a classic Team Liquid performance.

A heavy scaling draft, small leads early, wait for your opponents' mistakes and crush them. Bwipo's Ornn was unkillable and Santorin's Viego completely took over, and Jojo's Akali pick looked incredibly useless.

Game two was a completely different one. CoreJJ had a rare off-game and despite multiple engages looking good for TL, they could never lock down Danny's Miss Fortune, who ripped them apart with the Bullet Time.

There was one of the longest Baron dances of all-time, too - with EG eventually coming out on top.

Game three saw Bjergsen first blooded by a bush camp, but it meant naught. Bjerg hit back with 10 kills of his own on the Ahri. How does that even happen?

CoreJJ went from a horrible game on Alistar to a 0-0-13 game on Nautilus. When the Nautilus doesn't die all game, something has gone wrong somewhere.

Realistically, it went wrong everywhere for EG.

Now, game four is where it got spicy. Bwipo locked in Gangplank, having seen the Graves - but EG flexed the Graves into jungle to pick Lucian.

They then gave Ryze to Impact, and Lucian to Jojo - but roleswapped in game. GP with his MR runes laning into Lucian is absolutely 0 fun, I assure you. Ever had a Lucian pop your barrel from two health before winning the trade?

If so, you know pain.

Oh, and this happened in the first minute or so.


Jojopyun completely took over the mid-game in the top lane - but this one was an absolute pop-off from Danny on Ezreal. He was completely untouchable, dancing around the Liquid team and picking up kill after kill after kill. He ended 16-1-8.

Game 5 - it's all on the line here. Bjergsen locked in Veigar into the Ryze, before EG went in for Renekton/Nidalee. I'm not sure why anyone would want to play Renekton into Veigar, either.

With Bwipo allowed counter-pick, he chose the Sion and went full chilling mode, just relaxing his way into a late game victory. It might surprise you to learn that Renekton Nidalee didn't get massively ahead against the best team in the league, and TL were able to coast to victory in a completely anticlimactic finish.

Please stop picking the crocodile. It's looked so bad in every loss in the LCS so far.