Team Liquid make it to Worlds ahead of TSM

Team Liquid took TSM down in four games to convincingly book their spot at this year's Worlds.

It was another stellar performance from the returning Santorin and a superb Bard performance from CoreJJ that set the tone for Liquid's victory.

A tale of two Bards

After CoreJJ carried game two on Bard, the gauntlet was laid down; and SwordArt took it up. Neither of the performances from the multi-million pound TSM support were quite as good, however, which really underlined the difference between the two.

Game one saw TSM take a lead in the top side, as Huni had a huge CS lead over Alphari in the Irelia/Gnar match-up, but a disastrous dragon fight saw TL flip the script, and the lead they had turned to nothing. Lost got caught, and the game changed.

Oh, and PoE did... this.

Speaking of a flipped script, TL put Huni's Wukong massively behind with a four man dive that left him on 3 CS to 25. TSM returned the favour with a five man top play, but it was already too late - Core's Bard was online and took over the game.

Game three was TSM's only success, as Jensen had a disasterclass performance. A whiffed flash-Q preceded a couple of really poor ultimates on the Orianna, and TSM took full advantage.

TL finished it in four though, with another dominant display, really proving themselves as the better team - and that game three was just a blip.