Team Liquid took TSM down in four games to convincingly book their spot at this year’s Worlds.

It was another stellar performance from the returning Santorin and a superb Bard performance from CoreJJ that set the tone for Liquid’s victory.

A tale of two Bards

After CoreJJ carried game two on Bard, the gauntlet was laid down; and SwordArt took it up. Neither of the performances from the multi-million pound TSM support were quite as good, however, which really underlined the difference between the two.

Game one saw TSM take a lead in the top side, as Huni had a huge CS lead over Alphari in the Irelia/Gnar match-up, but a disastrous dragon fight saw TL flip the script, and the lead they had turned to nothing. Lost got caught, and the game changed.

Oh, and PoE did… this.

Speaking of a flipped script, TL put Huni’s Wukong massively behind with a four man dive that left him on 3 CS to 25. TSM returned the favour with a five man top play, but it was already too late – Core’s Bard was online and took over the game.

Game three was TSM’s only success, as Jensen had a disasterclass performance. A whiffed flash-Q preceded a couple of really poor ultimates on the Orianna, and TSM took full advantage.

TL finished it in four though, with another dominant display, really proving themselves as the better team – and that game three was just a blip.

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