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Blessing in disguise

Insania: “We probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the LCQ”

Team Liquid is one of the three Western European teams, besides Team Secret and Tundra Esports, to have secured a guaranteed top-four finish at The International 2022 (TI11).

They are also one of the two TI11: Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) teams, besides Team Secret, to have made it to the top four.

Earlier in the day, Valve arranged a virtual press conference for TI11, with Jaxon in attendance.

Here’s what the Team Liquid players, Insania, Boxi and Micke have to say:

Insania TI11 interview
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Aydin “Insania” Sarkohi

The Last Chance Qualifier has been a blessing in disguise for both, Team Secret and Team Liquid, a fact with which Insania definitely agrees, especially considering their top-four finish at TI11.

He said, “Going to the LCQ has probably been a blessing for our team. It allowed us to test out our ideas, to test what works and what doesn’t, and that helped us to reach this far. We probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the LCQ.”

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Michael “Micke” Vu

Micke has been a hot prospect ever since coming to the limelight from the early Alliance days. However, his true potential has started to show this TI.

He talks about how he has grown as a player since the early Alliance/Team Liquid days. Micke said, “We are playing well as a team, and if the team plays well, then you get to stand out individually and grow a lot more confident. I’m not entirely sure, to be honest, but I think I’m just playing better this year.”

Micke also played some mean Shadow Fiend in the group stage, a hot stock, like the Team Liquid mid-laner himself, that has fizzled out in the playoffs – a fact that Micke attests to. He said, “SF went fucking down after the group stage .. [virtually signalling the downward spiral by a hand sign].”

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Samuel “Boxi” Svahn

Boxi has been instrumental in Team Liquid’s unprecedented run at TI11 with flashy performances throughout the tournament, starting from the Last Chance Qualifier, and highlighting the same while addressing the media.

He said, “The most memorable highlight for me was when we qualified for TI11, three weeks ago, through the Last Chance Qualifier. There have definitely been memories but not particularly highlights.”

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