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Team Liquid eliminates OG from The International 2022 (TI11)

Team Liquid eliminates OG from The International 2022 (TI11) in the lower bracket of the main event in a clean 2-0 sweep.

With the loss, OG bids adieu to TI11 whilst Team Liquid moves on to face the South American team Thunder Awaken in Round 4.

Team Liquid has secured a guaranteed top-six finish at TI11 alongside Thunder Awaken, with the latter being the first South American team to reach this far in TI history.

Team Liquid’s series against OG was a crisp and clear victory with the former finishing both games in a clinical manner.

OG was left reeling for answers, which they weren’t able to find out until it was too late for them. In the meantime, Team Liquid played seamlessly as a unit and was never on the backfoot throughout the entire series.

OG TI11 eliminated
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OG seemed lost since dropping to the lower bracket but somehow managed to fight back one step at a time. However, facing Team Liquid was the final nail in the coffin for OG.

Team Liquid to face Thunder Awaken at TI11 Lower Bracket Round 4

The winner between Team Liquid vs Thunder Awaken will proceed to the finals weekend, thus securing a top-four finish.

The loser gets eliminated and will still walk away with their heads held high.

However, this is The International, and nothing besides a first-place finish is acceptable for the teams.

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