Tanks are already ruining an otherwise brilliant Fortnite season

Almost everyone who doesn’t spend all of their gaming hours in Creative Mode can agree: No Build is dope.

It’s bringing Fortnite back to what it was in the old days, and players are taking notice.

Sure, the cracked Fortnite kids might be taking a step backwards, but removing building levels the playing field and allows normal gamers to come back to the game without feeling like they’ve never played a video game before.

Epic Games

I was immediately impressed at how balanced Fortnite Season 2 was when I first jumped off of the Battle Bus.

The new sprinting system, vaulting mechanic, and overshield all seem to lend themselves to the No Build mode.

You don’t have a wall in your pocket, but you have 50 extra health at all times and can sprint to cover much faster.

This is all well and good, until you run into the Tank or Armored Battle Bus.

These  new vehicles seem to be the only elements of the new season that weren’t balanced with “No Build” in mind.

The tank, specifically, is the most broken vehicle we’ve seen since the BRUTE. At least the BRUTE required another player to use the rockets. The tank can run the table in solos.

Everyone reading this has had at least one fun, No-Build game ruined by the tank. It seems like Epic brought it to Fortnite with the idea that players could build to protect themselves – the main mechanic removed from the first week of the season.

Epic Games

Possible hope for the future

I don’t know what else I can say about how bad the tanks – and any vehicle like the tanks – is with no building in Fortnite.

If you run into one, you’re probably fucked.

The only hope I have is the rumor of the perminant No Build mode in Fortnite. It looks like it may stick around – which would make sense. Fortnite is as popular now, with the new mode, than it ever has been.

Hopefully – although I’m not holding my breath – Epic will remove some of the more OP vehicles if they isolate the mode from normal Solos/Duos/etc.

In the meantime, just try to get a tank and stack those crowns.