I’ve got three more things we all learnt from the final group. Well, you might not have learnt them, in which case you’re in the right place. Every day is a school day.

Liquid – and FalleN – can carry NACS back to former glory

That *might* be a stretch, but I’m downing pints of FalleN-is-backium and I could not be happier. FalleN is a truly legendary player, regardless of your personal feelings about him, and watching him obliterate genuinely good teams was nostalgic.

So nostalgic, in fact, I remembered the times when he was the best in the world at what he did, and am now convinced that Liquid will be the best team in the world under his tutelage. 

They buried everyone in Group D other than Gambit, and continued to end dreams as they took down FNATIC in the first round of playoffs. FalleN even beat his brothers of FURIA to deny them playoffs; he really has his nasty streak back, and nobody can deny him glory once more.

Bad FalleN, but he’s good

malbsMd needs a new team

malbsMd is the Americas worst kept secret, and yet nobody is willing to take the gamble just yet. Despite his team not picking up a single map, the Guatemalan stuck out again as a supremely talented individual on a flailing team.

Despite rarely being given starring roles – he’s often entrying for his team – malbsMd came out as the highest rated player. Forget stats, though, you can just watch how robotic his first bullet aim is – think Twistzz, Brehze back when he was good, players like that. He’s been terrorising NA for a while and somebody needs to pick him up and let him loose.

TeamOne are not good, and got bodied by everyone, but I need to see malbs on a good team.

Device hasn’t made NiP much better

It’s a slightly controversial take, but NiP still reside in that bracket they existed in beforehand. They can beat good teams, but they’re not going to regularly, and they just don’t have enough to be a big contender long term.

Device is good, but he’s not proven himself to be truly elite outside of the Astralis bubble; but it’s not helped by the fact NiP keep making it bring-your-academy-player-to-work day.

NiP ended up in third, beating the weaker teams and falling to Liquid and Gambit. Pretty much exactly where you thought they’d be.

Mr Consistent has made NiP consistent – just consistently ‘eh’.