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T1 wins SEA derby against BOOM Esports

T1 wins the SEA derby against BOOM Esports in an electrifying series thus putting an end to the latters unbeaten streak.

The series wasn’t about the current standings. It wasn’t about their current form or lack thereof. It was all about two of SEA’s finest powerhouses clashing in a highly anticipated series.

It was all about claiming the bragging rights to ascertain the true king, and T1 emerged as the victor in this psychological battle of wits and emotions.

BOOM Esports has been on a roll since replacing Omega Esports in Division I, who were banned in the upper division due to match fixing.

BOOM’s aggressive recruitment of a star studded lineup didn’t disappoint as they took complete advantage of retaining their slot in SEA Division I, and went berserk by defeating anyone that came their way.

However, they would be put to test against the already established T1, who have been SEA’s torch bearers for quite some time.

The test proved to be futile as BOOM were unable to fully capitalise their strength against T1 and lost the series 2:0 despite gaining a near insurmountable lead in the first game of the series.

T1’s Wraith King pick on the offlane dismantled BOOM’s hope in the first game, who were on the cusp of victory with a healthy gold and experience lead.

But in true T1 style, they held on and gave enough space for their tricore to farm and slowly made BOOM bleed in a meticulous way.

23Savage’s Terrorblade became a monster and BOOM had no answer and the game ended in T1’s favour. The psychological damage was done, and T1 marched into the second game with a decisive victory.


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