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Activating a SugarSweeps promo code for a new player bonus with SugarSweeps is, I’m sorry to say, nigh-on impossible at the time of writing.

You see, while SugarSweeps is indeed a viable option for sweepstakes gamers in the US, the brand doesn’t currently have a new customer bonus up-for-grabs. But be sure to stick around, because in this guide, I’ll walk you through how to claim and use any future bonuses the brand might unveil in the days, weeks, or months ahead.

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Last Updated on 06/12/2024

👾 What’s the big deal with SugarSweeps social casino bonus offers?

Any American gamer registering with a new social or sweepstakes casino can usually claim a competitive bonus, right? I mean, in this specific segment of iGaming – where games tend to be playable without any purchase requirement – bonuses are basically essential.

So, it’s kinda weird that SugarSweeps doesn’t have one, because normally, sweepstakes sites can be seen fighting tooth and nail to out-bonus one another.

But hey. A little while ago, I put together a full-bodied SugarSweeps review that explained a few very important things that you guys need to know about this brand before registering here – the most notable one being that SugarSweeps ain’t your average sweepstakes casino.

You see, instead of offering free-to-play games directly via its website or app, SugarSweeps is a sort of sweepstakes gateway site that offers account holders indirect access to sweepstakes games hosted on eight other affiliated apps.It also runs on just one virtual currency – called “Credits” – rather than your conventional two-tier coin system.

But why is there no SugarSweeps social casino bonus up-for-grabs right now? Will there be one launched in the future? And, if so, how can you expect such a bonus to work on a slightly offbeat platform like this one? Well, let’s take a look…

Buy SugarSweeps Coins

🇺🇲 How do SugarSweeps sign up offers in the US work?

First things first, while most sweepstakes bonuses out there will grant gamers like you and I a combination of online-only Gold Coins (GC) playable just-for-fun, and Sweepstakes Coins (SC) with a prize-redeemable value, it’s safe to assume any SugarSweeps welcome offers that might drop in the near future will be awarded in “Credits” – as Credits are the only on-site currency used by the brand.

While reviewing SugarSweeps’ sweepstakes platform, I got in touch with the site’s customer support via live chat and was informed that while they don’t have a sign-up promotion available right now, gamers can indeed anticipate “free plays and bonuses to be given by the management” once registered and active on the site.

I’ll tell you everything I know about existing customer bonuses at SugarSweeps in a bit, but for now, let’s look at how you might go about activating any sign-up promotions that could be unveiled by the brand at pretty much any point in the near future.

  • Step 1
    Visit the SugarSweeps website – while the platform provides access to sweepstakes games hosted on external apps, they don’t currently have an app of their own.
  • Step 2
    Click the white “Register” button in the top-right.
  • Step 3
    Enter your first name, last name and email address. If a SugarSweeps promo code for USA players was displayed in the original ad for the bonus you’re claiming, enter that too. You’ll also need to come up with a secure and original password.
  • Step 4
    Upload a clear photo of yourself holding a valid photo ID next to your face. This can be either in JPG, PNG, BMP or PDF format. I’d recommend rolling with a US driver’s license or passport.
  • Step 5
    Complete a quick reCAPTCHA, check the box to accept the T&Cs (you’ll need to be aged 21+), then hit “Register” to create your account. As is the case with most sweepstakes casinos, I would imagine you’ll be credited your bonus on auto-pilot at this point.

Remember, whether you’re claiming a Crown Coins promo code, a Pulsz social casino bonus or the latest offer from SugarSweeps, T&Cs rarely remain fixed. For this reason, I always advise players to be on the lookout for random and sometimes unexpected changes to the rules – perhaps a promo code won’t be required today, but will be tomorrow, for example.

Always know what to expect and read the T&Cs in full before you claim, even if doing so bores you to hell.

🖐Push your SugarSweeps bonus for US players the extra mile with my five expert tips

So, there might not be any SugarSweeps sweepstakes bonus up-for-grabs right now, but I’m confident I’ve appropriately prepared you guys on how to claim one when the next big sign-up offer drops.

And when it does, guess what? You can make sure you get the absolute most of it by following these five golden rules:

🙋 Get clued-up on crypto before claiming

The SugarSweeps platform is a real big fan of crypto. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and the like are used here to make purchases – and you’ll also be redeeming prizes via cryptocurrency, too.

As such, I’d strongly advise having a read through the brand’s FAQs page to get clued-up on how all this works before you start claiming – and playing through – any bonuses here.

🕹 Narrow down your game options

SugarSweeps’ unconventional, indirect gaming set-up means that if ever you are able to claim a SugarSweeps no deposit bonus here, you’ll potentially be able to play your bonus Credits at tens of thousands of different games.

The way it works is as follows. The brand offers access to eight different external gaming apps, which offer anywhere from 50 to 50,000 games depending on which one you choose – with “GameVault” offering the largest selection at the time of writing. SugarSweeps offers detailed descriptions of what’s available via each app, so have a good read through and set your sights on where you’d like to play before you claim any bonuses here.

⭐ Know how to “Transfer” your Credits to the right Gaming Account

As I said before, you can expect any SugarSweeps deposit bonus or free-to-claim promo that pops-up in the future to grant you some Credits. But did you know that any Credits you have in your SugarSweeps account need to be transferred to the “Game Account” you want to play them on before they can actually be played?

Now, this means you’ll need to familiarize yourself with how this is done, which is as follows. Click “Transfer” from the main menu, select GameVault, EGame, Ultra Panda, Orion Stars or whichever affiliated gaming app you’d like to play on, then click “Transfer” again. Simple stuff really.

💡 Remember that any SugarSweeps bonus codes might be state-specific

At a time when there are no SugarSweeps sweepstakes bonuses advertised anywhere whatsoever, it’s difficult to predict whether any future offers might come with a promo code requirement.

My best advice is to go through the T&Cs of any future offers that do drop in as meticulous detail as you can. Promo codes are often state-specific, so if a code is needed, make sure you’ve got the right one by visiting the SugarSweeps site without a VPN enabled and carefully checking you’re looking at the right rules for your state.

🐟 Consider slots over keno and fish games

SugarSweeps offers indirect access to slots, fish games and keno titles, but I’ve found that generally, slots will be your best bet as far as Return to Player (RTP) percentages are concerned.

Via Orion Stars or GameVault, for example, it’s not uncommon to find slots offering 96% RTP+, against Keno games that offer closer to 94%. Sift through all the games available to pin down those offering the biggest potential.

😇 Classic SugarSweeps sweepstakes bonus FAQs – and my expert answers

The fact that SugarSweeps doesn’t currently offer any bonuses at all has led to a lot of confusion among gamers. Day in, day out, I’ve encountered first-time sweeps gamers and seasoned players alike who were confused by the following points. So below, I’ve done my best to give you all the information I know regarding each…

🦅 When will the next SugarSweeps bonus for USA gamers be unveiled?

Right now, I’m sad to say I can’t actually give you guys a straight answer on this one. When I contacted the brand via live chat, a friendly girl named Sophia informed me that while “free plays and daily bonuses” were on the cards for existing punters, there is no SugarSweeps social casino bonus for new customers right now.

This sucks, I know, but if you’re really itching for a sweepstakes sign up offer ASAP, I have reviewed plenty of alternative brands lately, like Stake.us and Pulsz, that do indeed offer bonuses you can get your hands on right now. Alternatively, of course, you can always keep playing the waiting game with SugarSweeps…

 🖥 Can I get any SugarSweeps promo codes by liking the brand on Facebook?

Right now, no – but who’s to say this won’t change in the near future? SugarSweeps does have a Facebook account, and by following it there’s always a chance you’ll be the first to find out about the next big promo code drop. Just keep an eye-out for scam accounts, which I’m sad to say are not completely unknown.

Look out for the usual SugarSweeps pink, red, and black branding, and chat with the website’s responsive live chat agents if ever you need confirmation that a promo code you’ve seen advertised elsewhere is definitely legit.

💰 How do I redeem my Credits with SugarSweeps?

Once you’ve collected a certain number of Credits by playing at Ultra Panda, Gemini, and other games, you can transfer them back to your SugarSweeps balance from your Gaming Account.

To do this, you’ll need to log out of whatever game you were playing first. From the SugarSweeps main menu, you can then click “Redeem” to initiate a redemption request – for which you’ll need to enter a crypto address. It’s important that your Credits have been marked as “available for redemption” by the brand first, and that you’ve verified your ID here, too.

💥 Are there any SugarSweeps promo code offers available for existing players?

You and I both know that the brand doesn’t have a sign-up promotion up-for-grabs right now. But what kinds of SugarSweeps no deposit bonus offers can existing customers claim?

Well… I hate to say it, but I really don’t think SugarSweeps will be winning any awards for its bonuses any time soon. Why? Well, at the time of writing, the brand doesn’t have any bonuses advertised at all, nor a VIP or loyalty program. In fact, all I found here was that vague promise from good ol’ Sophia that “free plays and daily bonuses” might be made available later at the management’s discretion.

So, what should you guys expect? Well, while it’s hard for me to give an exact answer here, most other sweepstakes sites out there tend to roll with the following kinds of promotions. So, who knows, perhaps one day you’ll be able to get your hands on one of these here, too…

Type of BonusHow it Works
Daily reloadsArguably the most common kind of sweepstakes promotion, “daily reload”-style offers serve up some free gameplay credits with each login. Here’s to hoping SugarSweeps starts offering them soon.
“Spin the wheel” promotionsInspired by popular TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune, these offers typically serve up random rewards to players who spin a wheel and land on a bonus-based prize.
Refer-a-friend offersBy getting your buddies to sign-up, both you and your friends can claim free virtual credits with many sweepstakes casinos. You won’t find one here right now, but I’m hopeful SugarSweeps might roll-out a refer-a-friend offer in the years ahead.

🎲 Social casino bonus vertical

🤖 Bonus intro – what’s on offer here?

It’s bad news from a sign-up bonus standpoint, I’m afraid – there’s no SugarSweeps bonus for social casino or sweepstakes gamers at the time of writing. Regrettably, there are no clearly-defined existing customer promos to claim here right now, either. So, what should players expect from SugarSweeps?

🔥 Reality test – my personal experience…

When I registered with SugarSweeps, I of course wasn’t awarded any kind of bonus after filling-out the brand’s registration form and uploading a photo of my ID to verify myself.

Of course, my initial reaction was to reach out to customer support, who quickly informed me that bonuses would be coming my way at some point in the near future, but couldn’t confirm exactly what I could expect in terms of free Credits or other rewards.

Sophia, the support agent I spoke with, wasn’t quite as helpful as what I was hoping, then. And to this day, I am sad to say I’m yet to receive a bonus – though I have enjoyed exploring the 50,000+ different slots, fish, and keno games SugarSweeps has to offer through the external gaming platforms I mentioned earlier.

❤‍🔥 Prize redemption

I talked a bit about how prize redemptions work earlier on, so I won’t repeat myself too much here.

As you guys already know, I found that you’ll need to collect a ton of Credits playing at GameVault, Gemini and other games before they’ll be deemed “available for redemption” in the eyes of SugarSweeps. At that point, you’ll be able to “Transfer” them back to your SugarSweeps Balance, and then finally request a redemption to a crypto address or wallet.

American gamers on TrustPilot and other platforms appear to be very happy with how quickly such redemptions can be processed – though I found you will need to have also satisfied the brand’s Know Your Customer (KYC) checks by uploading a photo of you holding a valid ID document before you’ll be able to get this far.

👻 Any potential pitfalls?

If bonuses are make or break for you, I’d suggest a certain level of caution before registering with SugarSweeps – as there doesn’t appear to be any concrete evidence or guarantee that you’ll definitely get an existing customer bonus here post-registration.

My advice would be to read my Crown Coins review, research a few other sweepstakes brands, and make sure you’re 100% certain you’re happy with what SugarSweeps is offering before you sign-up here. They may not have any clearly-defined bonuses, but they do offer a pretty epic game selection, and super-speedy customer support.

🐸 My final verdict on the bonus

You won’t need a SugarSweeps promo code to claim this budding sweepstakes site’s latest bonus, for the simple reason that they don’t currently offer any bonuses at all.

Having said that, customer support have suggested to me that potential future bonuses for existing players are on the cards – it’s just not 100% clear at the time of writing what kind of shape or form you can expect said offers to take. So, keep this in mind if you’re considering registering here.

💡 Summary of the bonus

For obvious reasons, there isn’t really much to summarize here. Reminder: there’s no SugarSweeps bonus available right now, but should you decide to register, there’s a fair chance one might be unveiled later down the line.

🌟 Final thoughts – there’s no SugarSweeps social casino bonus today, but watch this space…

In all, SugarSweeps is a bit of a mystery then, really. They’ve no sign-up bonus up-for-grabs, no VIP rewards program, and no clearly-defined existing customer promos advertised, either.

So, where does that leave American gamers like you and I? Well, the way I see it, you guys really only have two choices here – you can sign-up today, play the waiting game, and hope that SugarSweeps drops a new bonus code or awards you some existing customer perks of some kind soon, or you can check out my bonus reviews of alternative sweeps sites in your state that definitely do offer current promotions. I wish you guys all the best either way.

🙂 SugarSweeps promo code FAQ

⭐ How do I access SugarSweeps’ games?

Once you’ve created an account and verified your ID, you’ll need to download separate mini apps like VBLink and Fire Kirin to access sweepstakes games here. All games are played using a virtual currency known as “Credits”. My review reveals how these tokens work.

🎁 Is there a SugarSweeps deposit offer?

While conventional sweepstakes casinos don’t accept the kinds of “deposits” you might find yourself making at real-money-powered gaming sites, they will usually let you buy free-to-play game Credits that have no real-world value. At SugarSweeps specifically, purchases can be made using cryptocurrencies, though the site makes no mention of any purchase-related bonuses at the time of writing.

📱 Does SugarSweeps have an app?

No, the overarching SugarSweeps platform doesn’t currently have an app of its own, but you will need to use separate apps like Ultra Panda and EGame to play at SugarSweeps’ affiliated games.

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