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Royal Eagle Sweepstakes Casino is not active anymore.
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Full disclosure: if you’ve seen a Royal Eagle promo code knocking about, you won’t be able to redeem it for a sweepstakes casino bonus. And in this guide, I’m going to explore why.

The crux of the matter is, there is no social casino out there that goes by the “Royal Eagle” name. So, where does that leave us? Well, in this guide I’ll introduce you to alternative social casinos that do offer the kinds of bonuses you might be looking for. I’ll also reveal how to get the most out of them.

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Last Updated on 06/12/2024

🎉 Royal Eagle social casino bonus offers – what you need to know

I dropped a bit of a bombshell there, right? And now, I’m guessing you’re probably wondering why there’s so much talk online about Royal Eagle sign-up offers if no such sweepstakes site exists. So, allow me to explain.

For folk who live in Tirana, Albania, there is an in-person casino resort called Royal Eagle, which I’m told is a real fancy place – despite the fact it’s a bit out-of-the-way for us American gamers. What’s more, there’s an iGaming software brand out there that shares the same name, too.

Confusingly, I also stumbled across one or two reviews that seem to suggest that in the past, a “Royal Eagle Online Casino” that offered a $20 sweepstakes bonus also existed – though there doesn’t seem to be any trace of this website at all today.

Where that leaves us is as follows – if you’re looking for a Royal Eagle bonus for social casino players, there isn’t one. So, you’ll need to check out one of the alternatives I’ll be talking about in this guide instead.

Royal Eagle sweepstakes bonus alternatives

Here’s some good news – bonuses are a staple of social casinos, which means there are tons of offers out there that fit the description of what you might have in mind when you think of a Royal Eagle no deposit bonus.

There’s a reason such bonuses are so commonplace, too – competition. Every social casino out there wants your business, so they all fight amongst one another to offer the best-looking bonus possible.

Right now, five of my personal favorite social casino bonuses are as follows:

Social/sweepstakes brandLatest bonus offerPromo code requirement?
Stake.us260,000 just-for-fun Gold Coins (GC), $55 in Stake Cash (SC) and 5% rakeback.Yes – “JAXONSOCIAL”.
Pulsz5,000 GC + 2.3 free SC.No.
McLuck7,500 GC + 2.5 SC.No.
WOW Vegas250,000 free WOW Coins (GC) + 5 SC.No.
Scrooge2 million GC and 250 Sweeps Tokens (SC).No.

Of course, though, this barely scratches the surface of all the great offers that are out there right now.

Royal Eagle Sweepstakes Casino
Buy Royal Eagle Sweepstakes Casino Coins

🥇 How do I claim and use a Royal Eagle social casino bonus?

Right now, you can’t – for the reasons I outlined above. Having said that, you can unlock a bonus with Stake.us, Pulsz, McLuck and other top-ranking social casinos like WOW Vegas in a surprisingly easy manner.

Nine times out of ten, the steps you’ll need to follow to claim and activate a Royal Eagle sweepstakes-style bonus are pretty much the same from one site to the next. All you need to do, is:

  1. Head to the brand’s website or download their app.
  2. Wait for a contact form to pop-out, then fill it in with your details – including your name, address, and DOB.
  3. Enter a Royal Eagle bonus code if one is required. Note: promo codes are sometimes state-specific, so it’s important to check the ad and T&Cs of the offer to ensure you’ve got the right one.
  4. Give the brand a few minutes to verify your identity. You might need to upload a photo of your ID to prove state-level eligibility here, but don’t worry, the process rarely takes more than 5-10 minutes.
  5. Sign into your account with your new details once you’ve been authenticated. Most social and sweepstakes bonuses will be awarded to you automatically with your first login – and for free, too. Why? Well, these kinds of iGaming sites are always available on a no purchase necessary basis.

Of course, there are minor differences to watch out for between platforms, but I’ve made it easy for you by writing individual reviews to how everything works at all my favorite social casino sites. You can read my Carnival Citi promo code review or my deep-dive into the latest Stake.us bonus, for example, for the site-specific info you need.

One important thing worth noting, though, is that the T&Cs of any offer can often change at short notice. With this in mind, once you’ve settled on a brand, it’s always a good idea to give their bonus T&Cs a second check on the day you come to claim.

🎩 Supercharge Royal Eagle sweepstakes-style bonuses at any social casino with these expert tips

Just as many social casino promos have comparable activation steps, the kinds of T&Cs that govern free-to-claim GC and SC bonuses tend to share a few commonalities, too.

This means that whether you’re claiming 7,500 free GC and 2.5 SC with the McLuck bonus I mentioned earlier, or checking out the latest WOW Vegas promo instead, you can enjoy any offer to the max by following these expert tips:

🎮 Try out as many games as you can

The size of game portfolios can vary drastically from one social casino to the next. Of course, you already know from my Royal Eagle review that Royal Eagle doesn’t offer any – because it doesn’t exist in social casino form. Conversely, Stake.us has more than 2,000, while McLuck has around 500.

Now, bonuses are essentially giving you free rein to try out absolutely everything an iGaming site has to offer. So, I’d strongly suggest having as much fun as possible with your free coins by exploring all the nooks and crannies of the different game genres on offer, and mixing-up your gameplay as much as is feasibly possible.

⏰ Take note of any expiration dates early on

As my comparison above revealed, many sweepstakes casino bonuses will offer you a combination of GC, which are played at entertainment-only games, and SC, which can be entered into sweepstakes tournaments and may have a prize-redeemable value.

Well, most of the time, these coins won’t last forever. I’ve reviewed a few sites recently that have 60-day expiries on GC claimed via Royal Eagle sweepstakes-style promotions, for example – where coins will vanish into thin air if you overstep a 60-day inactivity period. The best approach? Always log in to play frequently after claiming any social or sweepstakes bonus.

🔄 Combine your offer with regular reloads

Some brands, like Pulsz and WOW Vegas, will give you a “Daily Reload” worth a few free GC/SC freebies each time you log in to play – another incentive to game frequently, then.

Just keep in mind that even though social and sweepstakes casinos are free-to-play and powered by virtual coins, responsible gambling remains important. So, play regularly and have fun, but don’t get too carried away, yeah?

📜 Treat the T&Cs like your Bible

I really can’t stress this point enough – any Royal Eagle bonus for USA players, or any other sweepstakes promotion for that matter, is only as good as its T&Cs.

As such, you need to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the offer you’re looking at before you go ahead and actually claim it. A top tip from me would be to keep the T&Cs page open at all times in another tab while you actually play, too.

🎁 Enrol in loyalty programs where possible

Both Stake.us and McLuck offer levels-based loyalty programs – and I’d highly recommend getting involved with these kinds of things whenever you see them offered.

Why? Well, let’s say you claim a Royal Eagle social casino bonus when registering with a brand, but you use up your free coins within a few days of playing. Getting involved in a VIP program will help you collect more coins on the daily – usually at much more generous rates than other players, too.

❓ FAQs about Royal Eagle bonuses for US players

So, I’ve shared a bit of info on some great bonus alternatives, and I’ve talked a bit about how you guys can maximize the potential of sweepstakes bonuses generally. What’s next?

Well, while there may not be any Royal Eagle social casino brand, you’d be surprised how many people get in touch with me with the following questions about the kinds of bonuses Royal Eagle might have had if did exist:

1. Do I have to use a specific payment method to claim a Royal Eagle Bonus?

Nine times out of ten, social and sweepstakes sign-up bonuses are available for free. These sites have no purchase requirement, remember?

2. Can I claim a Royal Eagle promo code online to redeem at their resort in Albania?

I’ve checked-over all corners of their site, and currently I can’t see any online promotions (or online games) offered, so I’m going to say no here.

3. Is Royal Eagle legal in my state?

As the brand has no US presence, this one’s also a no. That said, when you come to register with any of the other sweepstakes casinos I’ve been talking about here, it is important you double-check their Customer Acceptance policies pre-registration to determine state-level eligibility. Many brands are off limits in Washington, for example.

🎉 Additional rewards and Royal Eagle promo code-style offers to look out for

When you sign up to play with any social or sweepstakes casino, you’ll soon find that there’s a lot more to their bonus offerings than just welcome promos. Stake.us, McLuck and many other top-ranking brands out there also have a tendency to offer:

Type of bonusWhat to expect
Reload rewardsIt’s common for sweepstakes casinos to grant you a few free GC/SC once a day, under what’s known in the biz as “Daily Reload” offers. Sometimes, weekly reloads offering even more freebies might be up-for-grabs, too.
Loyalty programsMany brands reserve their biggest and best bonuses exclusively for VIPs. Think Royal Eagle no deposit bonus codes good for hundreds, if not thousands of free SC, dedicated account managers, and more. Sometimes, these clubs are so exclusive you’ll need to receive a private invite before you can join.
Purchase-related bonusWhenever you purchase a GC package with a social casino, you’ll almost always get a free SC bonus. Some brands, like McLuck, for example, take things a step further by offering up to 150% extra the first time you buy – while Pulsz offers exclusive game access with every GC package purchase. Just remember that buy-ins are always optional.

More about Royal Eagle social casino bonus offers

🚀 Royal Eagle social casino bonus intro

At the time of writing, neither the Royal Eagle casino resort in Albania nor the Royal Eagle gaming software brand I mentioned earlier offer Royal Eagle welcome offers. Though as we’ve seen, there are several other trusted social and sweepstakes brands out there that do. Here’s what you need to know about them.

💲 How bonuses are claimed – remember Royal Eagle promo codes might be required

If you’ve read my ClubWPT promo code review, or my latest write-up of the McLuck bonus, you’ll know I always perform a “reality test” on any bonus I encounter, to give you guys an idea of what to expect when you come to claim it for yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, the activation process for most social and sweepstakes bonuses is usually pretty similar – you’ll create an account, and get your free GC and/or SC credited to you automatically thereafter.

Sometimes, you might need to enter a Royal Eagle promo code for USA players to activate your bonus, and said code could be state-specific. As a general rule, these sites are available with no purchase requirement, which means most bonuses are claimable for free.

💵 What about withdrawals?

Social and sweepstakes casinos simply don’t do conventional deposits and withdrawals. All gameplay is carried out using either GC, which are played for fun only, or SC, which can be redeemed for real-world prizes once you’ve collected enough of them.

This means that whether you’re playing at Royal Eagle sweepstakes-style games or WOW Vegas’ social casino ones, you can only ever accumulate GC and/or SC as you play. The closest thing on offer to cash-outs is SC prize redemptions – where you can exchange SC over a certain amount for gift vouchers, merchandise and other IRL prizes, which may sometimes include cash. Though of course, T&Cs will apply.

Let’s take Stake.us as an example. With those guys, you’ll need to collect at least 30 SC before you can request an SC prize redemption. You’ll also need to have played through any SC you initially received from bonuses at least once apiece. From there, cash and crypto prizes can be obtained via the “Redeem” page.

💥 A few things to watch out for…

Of course, the T&Cs you’ll be faced with will differ depending on the social or sweepstakes brand you ultimately decide to claim a bonus with.

The most common potential pitfalls are minimum SC prize redemption thresholds and SC playthrough requirements – much like those outlined above in my Stake.us example.

Other things you might want to watch out for include game restrictions, where your GC or SC might not be compatible with, say, blackjack tables or roulette games, and state-level restrictions. To give you an example of the latter, Pulsz sweepstakes casino is currently off-limits in Washington, Michigan, Nevada, and Idaho.

🤷‍♀️ Verdict – alternatives to Royal Eagle sweepstakes offers are the way to go

There might not be such a thing as a Royal Eagle social casino or related bonus, but that doesn’t mean you guys should give up. On the contrary, the bonus-hungry among you can currently claim 260,000 GC, $55 SC and 5% rakeback with Stake.us using my bonus code “JAXONSOCIAL”, or you can check out the latest offers from McLuck, Pulsz or perhaps even WOW Vegas.

Ultimately, the world is your oyster here.

🕵️‍♂️ Sweepstakes bonus summary…

Whether you were hoping to find a Royal Eagle deposit bonus today, or a free-to-claim GC promotion, I’m sad to say that there’s no online social casino out there that currently goes by this name.

But don’t fret, because top-rated sweepstakes brands like Stake.us, Pulsz and McLuck have some cracking bonus offers available – and you can read more about them with my individual brand reviews.

Social Casino Bonus
Royal Eagle Sweepstakes Casino
Social Casino Bonus
$20 of Virtual Coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+

🕵️‍♂️ Conclusion – consider these alternatives to Royal Eagle social casino bonuses…

Royal Eagle isn’t really what I’m guessing you guys probably thought it is. To recap: it’s not an online social casino, therefore it doesn’t offer any social or sweepstakes bonus. Of course, this poses a problem – though the solution really couldn’t be any simpler.

As you’ve seen throughout this guide, there are a ton of highly-rated alternative brands out there – like Stake.us, Pulsz and WOW Vegas, to name a few – that do currently offer mega-value sweepstakes and social casino bonuses. So, my advice here is as follows: check out my individual reviews of each of these and take your time to locate a bonus that’s the perfect fit for you. Happy gaming.

Royal Eagle promo code FAQ

💡 Is there a Royal Eagle social casino bonus I can claim in the US?

Unfortunately, no. While the Royal Eagle name stands strong in the retail casino sector, and in software, there’s no online social casino currently active under that particular name.

🎁 Which US sweepstakes casinos have the best bonuses right now?

If you’re looking for a hearty mix of GC and SC, the latest Stake.us promotion is worth a look, granting claimants 260,000 GC, $55 SC and 5% rakeback. Read my bonus review to find out how the offer works.

❓ How do I activate a Royal Eagle promo code?

As there’s no such iGaming platform as “Royal Eagle” right now, you won’t be able to. When playing at other social casino sites, mind, promo codes are activated simply by clicking the ad for the relevant bonus, then cut-and-pasting your code when prompted during the claims process.

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