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Streamer shoots home invader on-stream

The nature of live streaming is such that some crazy things can happen without the streamer planning them. We’ve seen some crazy things happen on Twitch, but this might be the first time that a streamer shoots someone on the platform.

MattDamnit, a Twitch streamer, reportedly shot a home invader while he was streaming League of Legends. In the clip, you can see him hear something and get up before – what sounds like – multiple shots were fired.

We don’t have any information of the aftermath of the situation. MattDamnit’s tweets are protected at the time of writing. We don’t know if this happened before or after the shooting.

Mattdamnit, a Twitch streamer, shoots home invade on stream

MattDamnit shoots home invader

This has to be one of the scarier situations to imagine – someone breaking into your home and being forced to defend yourself.

The VoD showing when the streamer shoots the home invader has been deleted – understandably – but the clip is still circulating the internet.

You can’t tell exactly what happens. All you see is MattDamnit get up, a bit of muffled talking, and then several “bang” sounds coming from off-screen.


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We can only hope the best for MattDamnit in this situation. It appears as though he was able to defend himself, but that doesn’t negate the trauma of having someone break into your house – or shooting a person.

We’ll update this article when we get an update from MattDamnit or learn of the condition of the home invader