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Oh lord..

Streamer masturbates on Twitch for 5k viewers – banned

Twitch streamer Aielieen masturbated on Twitch in front of 5k+ viewers, in yet another incident on the Amazon-owned live-streaming service.

The 18-year-old streamer took to Twitch to showcase her innate desire to “educate” her viewers on the subtle art of masturbation.

In the video, Aielieen is seen holding a sex toy and indulging in self-pleasure with the viewership on her Twitch channel skyrocketing.

The masturbation video went viral on various social media platforms including Reddit forums, as seen in the tweet above.

Streamer masturbates on Twitch
Photo taken via screenshot

Aielieen masturbating on Twitch in front of thousands of viewers is a direct violation according to the Terms of Service (ToS).

In lieu of the violation, the Twitch Streamer is likely going to receive harsh penalties from the platform. Based on past punishments for similar offences, this might range from a crushing 3-day-ban to a daunting full-week ban, surely sending shivers down Aielieen’s spine.

The clip has been removed with her channel being nowhere to be found — indicating that Aielieen has been banned.

Twitch streamers getting banned after indulging in sensuous acts live

This isn’t the first instance when a streamer has taken to Twitch to indulge in sensual acts such as masturbating or sex.

In a previous incident, Kimmikka was caught having sex with her boyfriend, live on-stream, in front of thousands of viewers.

The video went viral and subsequently, she was banned for 7 days.