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Addiction cured

Streamer deletes his WoW character for 2,000 gifted subs

World of Warcraft might be responsible for more gaming addictions than any other game in history.

It was the OG life killer, and grown men are still trying to shake their addiction to this day.

One man did just that – a streamer by the name of jstreazy. You see, he quit World of Warcraft after years of fighting his addiction. Unfortunately, he was pushed back off the wagon by a $1,000 donation.

Unfortunately, the joy of returning to an old friend was short-lived, as a 2,000 subscriber gift forced him to delete his character.

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As a gamer, this hurts to see. The pain was evident in his face.

Although, “what am I left with?” Brother, you made at least $6,000 for that back-and-forth. I’d go through that emotional rollercoaster in a heartbeat.

Pray for jstreazy. He’s back on WoW and probably doesn’t have the financial incentive to quit, with the extra money in his pocket.