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Stockholm Major: SEA enroute the NA [Nearest Airport] route

It's (almost) happening.

Southeast Asian (SEA) teams are closely following in the footsteps of North America (NA), with TSM being the exception, at the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022.

The popular Nearest Airport [NA] meme, applicable to North American esports teams, for their impeccable prowess of crashing out from tournaments, is soon going to apply for SEA as well.

After a strong showing in the Stockholm Major group stages, as compared to NA, SEA teams have suddenly found themselves in the dreaded lower bracket.

Not one, or two, but all three SEA teams are on the verge of being eliminated from the Stockholm Major.

T1 were the only team to start off in the upper bracket, but fell to Gaimin Gladiators, and got knocked down to the lower bracket where they face against another SEA team, Fnatic.

The road seems gloomy for SEA teams at the Stockholm Major as we bid goodbye to at least one SEA team.

Well, that's what you get for being inspired from NA [North America/Nearest Airport], whatever option that floats your boat.

In the meantime, do not forget to read Aui_2000's interview where he takes an awesome dig at North America.

You can read the transcribed interview right here.

Source: Tundra (Tundra memeing T1)