Credit: lolesports

Still alive: MAD Lions destroy Vitality in the LEC

MAD Lions have defeated Team Vitality on Week 8 Day 1 in an important game for their LEC playoff hopes. With that win, MAD Lions stay on track to reach the playoffs, whereas Vitality’s chances for Top 4 shrank.  
Despite dominating the early game, Vitality experienced the lions’ rage. Suddenly, we witnessed a very different version of MAD Lions, one that looked like their 2021 selves. MAD was playing as a unit and showed us that they still didn’t forget how to teamfight: 

After losing many teamfights, Vitaliy kept drowning and, at some point, winning the game became Mission Impossible. MAD Lions promptly finished them and secured their first win in the second half of the split. 

Although MAD Lions have improved, it might be too late as their fate is mostly out of their hands. The team must rely on VIT & XL to lose all their games, as well as win all of theirs. Yes, they are facing BDS and Astralis, but those teams have nothing to lose. 
With the loss, Vitality’s chances of Top 4 have taken a hit: 7.81%, to be precise. MAD’s chances of making the playoffs have improved to 4.69%. 
Where was this MAD Lions during the split?